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Mike Morgan may have a thing for Aaron Tuttle…

3:45 PM EDT on April 27, 2016


David Payne wasn't the only person who let things get weird last night.

KFOR Weather Chief Mike Morgan was also a bit off his game during yesterday's bout of severe weather porn. When not trying to will a Gustnado to life, he seemed genuinely confused and somewhat disappointed that the devastating weather everyone predicted never really arrived. It was weird to watch. He was behaving like the fight he dropped $79 for on pay-per-view lasted only a few seconds, or that Marla got a sudden headache after a $200 anniversary dinner at Musashi's.

As a result, we were presented with gems like this where Mike Morgan got all flustered and tried to go to Aaron Tuttle in Chickasha:

That's funny. What's even funnier is it happened again a few hours later:

Mike Morgan better be careful. Aaron Tuttle is like Beetlejuice. Say his name three times and he'll appear as a spray tan monster on a toy train set in your garage and try to scare or sue you.

Anyway, I should probably point out that Mike was actually trying to reach KFOR weatherman Aaron Brackett. Ironically enough, Aaron Brackett appears to be the exact opposite of Aaron Tuttle. He's soft-spoken, humble and, well, just look at this photo where he's trying to escape Mike and Marla's basement:

aaron brackett kfor

Congrats to Aaron on the escape from that "Particularly Dangerous Situation."

Sorry, I couldn't resist. Remember when you were a kid and would play Tetris for too long and then see the little blocks and game pieces when you closed your eyes to go to bed? That's probably what happened to Mike Morgan last night with the letters PDS. I think he mentioned the phrase 4,283 times when trying to come up with excuses for cutting into The Voice.

In case you didn't know, the acronym stands for "Particularly Dangerous Situation." It's what the NWS uses to let people know to keep a watchful eye for dangerous storms. It's also what the local media uses an excuse to continue to hype and cover storms that ended up being not as a bad as expected. According to Urban Dictionary, it also stands for "Post Drinking Shit." I'm pretty sure that's what everyone in the local media did this morning after over-covering last night's weather.

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