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Lawton rapper Knuckles releases new music video about big trucks…

12:06 PM EDT on April 18, 2016

knuckles big truck

Our favorite Lawton rapper is back!

After an 8-month hiatus to manage the Lawton Jiffy Lube, Knuckles has released a brand new track and music video. It's called "Big Truck." It's a rap-country-redneck hybrid – or as I call the genre, Crapneck – about, you guessed it, Knuckles' unrequited love for Big Truck Tacos.

Okay, I made that part up. I think Knuckles is more of a Taco Mayo type of guy. The song is actually about those big diesel trucks you'll find parked outside any Twin Peaks or National Check Cashers on a Friday night. Check it out after the jump. If you're a fan of Street Outlaws, carbon and low-credit scores, you'll love it:

This is usually the part where I make fun of the Knuckles, his music video and the casting director who selects his backup dancers, but I'm taking the high road on this one. I actually like the song. Sure, it's no Cowboy Boots N' Shorts, but it's definitely going to make my playlist the next time I drive to Lawton to buy some meth.

Anyway, I watched the video a couple times to see what Knuckles' hypeman and BFF Jesse Dalton has been up to, but I didn't spot him. I guess he was too busy emailing us about his reality show, or maybe he and Knuckles are straight beefin.' Word on the street is the Jesse Dalton drives a Prius, so I guess that would explain it.

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