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The Oklahoman was fooled by the “Justin Timberlake Loves Edmond Women” hoax…

10:54 AM EDT on April 14, 2016

Late last year, The Oklahoman launched a new marketing campaign called "Unfolded." You may have seen some of the ads during Thunder games. In the spots, which I think are seriously trying to convince people to subscribe to a newspaper, random people explain why they trust news in The Oklahoman more than those pesky, just as reliable internet sources.

For example, check out this spot featuring Bart. He seems like your regular 60-year-old curmudgeon. He reads The Oklahoman because he wants legitimate news and not the garbage he sees on that dang Twitter. It has nothing to do with his fear of technology and / or his inability to adapt to a changing, complex world:

Uh, what's the point of that spot? Are they trying to gain new subscribers, or simply pander to the few subscribers they have left?

We also have this video from Kristen. She's a PE teacher. She sometimes uses Facebook and Buzzfeed as a source of information, but she also turns to The Oklahoman for "true facts."

And the fallout from our state's education funding crisis continues. Seriously, things are so bad for teachers that they now have to go on record and promote the same newspaper that endorsed Janet Barresi for State School Superintendent as a reliable news source. What sad times we live in. 

Anyway, I have some bad news for Bart, Kristin and the other rebels who still read The Oklahoman. It's not as a reliable as you think. As we told you yesterday, a fake news story reporting that Justin Timberlake thinks Edmond has the most beautiful women made the rounds on the internet. The story was obviously a hoax, which of course means The Oklahoman bought it hook, line and sinker. They plastered it all over

Check out some screenshots:

oklahoman duped

oklahoan duped
That's hysterical. "The State's Most Trusted" news was seriously duped by an internet hoax. Hopefully they address that in their new ad campaign "Maybe it's time we just fold things up and go home." At least that campaign would be honest.

P.s. - If you want a good laugh and enjoy hypocrisy and irony, I'd encourage you to check out the Oklahoma Unfolded website. 

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