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Budweiser is now for liquor modernization laws…

Back in February, Budweiser launched a massive ad campaign against SJR 68 – the proposed alcohol modernization law – and its primary author, State Senator Clark Jolley. If you remember correctly, Budweiser didn't like the legislation because it would even the playing field, eliminate 3.2% beer and force them to sell a couple of their lucrative distributorships. As a result, we received full-page ads in the newspaper like this:

budweiser oklahoma

Well, it looks like the mood has now changed at Budweiser. Thanks to the negative ad campaign and the fine work of industry lobbyists, Clark Jolley and his pals in the Senate caved to pressure and amended SJR 158 to make Budweiser happy.

As a result, we now get happy Budweiser ads like this promoted tweet:

budweiser twitter ad

That's nice. I still think it's funny that the name of the website is "OK Loves Bud Light." I know lots of people who drink Bud Light, and let me tell you, I've never met anyone who loves Bud Light. This would be like Valtrex starting a website called ""

That being said, I'm glad we changed the laws to make Budweiser happy. I'm sure Budweiser – a foreign controlled corporation – and Clark Jolley – a politician who accepts campaign contributions for corporations – put what's best for the people of Oklahoma ahead of slimy corporate interests. That's how politics work around here! Labor omnia vincit!

Anyway, I honestly don't know if SJR 68 is a good law or not. I know it sucks for liquor stores, but any law that opens up the wine and beer market to large retailers will hurt liquor stores. At this point, I really don't care. I feel like I'm drunk at Henry Hudson's, last call has been announced, and the only girls at the bar are a couple single moms from El RenoJust pick a liquor modernization law and get it over with!

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