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Hot Girl Friday: Carrie Underwood

1:26 PM EDT on April 8, 2016

When I launched this obscure local social blog back in 2007, one of my big sources of inspiration at the time were those insanely sarcastic, snarky and irreverent celebrity gossip blogs like The Superficial, With Leather, What Would Tyler Durden Do, etc. Considering how nice, courteous and kind I am today, that may come as a surprise.

Out of all those sites, about the only one a still read on a regular basis is "I Don't Like You In That Way." It's still occasionally funny and does a pretty good job keeping me informed with latest news on celebrities and hot chicks. Earlier this week, they shared this Instagram pic of Carrie Underwood:

That's pretty cool. When it comes to hot girls from Oklahoma, I always forget about Carrie Underwood. That's probably because she's boring, fled the state and shows about as much skin as a Nazarene, so it's good to see her embracing her abs and swimwear.

Anyway, I scoured the web for other hot pics of Carrie. Check them out after the jump. She's our Hot Girl Friday:

Carrie_Underwood (348)
Carrie_Underwood (360)

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