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Tulsa is radical…

biker fox

Grab your Mountain Dew, snap into a Slim Jim and call Matt Hoffman! It's time to take a radical road trip to Tulsa!

Actually, that's a bit premature. You may want to wait a year or two. In case you didn't know, The American Bicycle Association and USA BMX is pulling a Chandler and moving its headquarters to Tulsa.

Via The Tulsa World:

The American Bicycle Association and USA BMX officially announced their move to Tulsa on Wednesday, a day after voters approved $15 million in funding for a new BMX stadium and headquarters.

The move is projected to bring more than 50 jobs and $10 million in additional economic impact each year to the Tulsa area, according to a joint news release from the Tulsa Sports Commission and USA BMX.

“We are thrilled to make our new home in Tulsa,” Bernard Anderson, CEO of USA BMX, said in the release. “We have always had a very good relationship with the city of Tulsa and Tulsa County and look forward to making this project a reality. With the passage of Vision Tulsa, planning for the new headquarters will now begin in earnest.”

Hah, you can tell a PR flack came up with the quote. Name me any other sane human would begin a sentence with "We are thrilled to make our new home in Tulsa." That would be like saying "I can't wait to have dinner at Applebee's."

Seriously, it's never a good sign when people lie in press releases. Bernard should have been honest and said "Here's the deal. We'd love to be in a more badass bitchin' city like Austin, Denver or San Diego, but give it up to the people of Tulsa – they gave us a sweet offer we couldn't refuse. Plus, we really wanted to be close to Biker Fox. Hopefully he'll let us touch his raccoons."

Here are the details on the sweet offer:

The Vision Tulsa tax extension economic development proposal passed Tuesday includes $15 million toward demolishing the old Drillers Stadium and construction of new facilities, which the city hoped would lure USA BMX to Tulsa from its Arizona headquarters.

The plans apparently succeeded, creating what Ray Hoyt, VisitTulsa and Tulsa Sports Commission president, called a “game changer” for the city.

“I think you’ll look back at this, kind of like looking back at the BOK Center, and realize that it really changed perceptions,” Hoyt said Wednesday evening. “It changed the way people look at Tulsa and how we’re considered.”

Wow. They're spending $15-million to build a new headquarters for BMX racing?! That's more extreme than chugging a Red Bull and pulling off a double front flip! For that price, they better include Helltrack and daily live performances of  the "Send Me An Angel" dance scene from Rad:


Anyway, I'm not going to lie. I'm a little bit jealous. I'd much rather have BMX racing than all the boring rowing stuff we have in OKC. Can we have Mayor Mick work out a trade? For example, in exchange for the BMX headquarters, we'll give Tulsa the Banjo Museum, Cowboy Hall of Fame and Matt Hoffman. It seem fair to me. Who says "No" on that one?

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