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Aspiring Norman politician forgot to remove dick pics from social media…

1:39 PM EDT on April 5, 2016

Tim Krahling

The guy pictured above is Tim Krahling. He's a libertarian candidate running for House District 45. It's good he running as a libertarian and not your typical Oklahoma theocrat, because now he doesn't look like such a hypocrite for getting caught posting dick pics on Reddit.

Here's the "exclusive" scoop from my favorite KFOR coworker Abby Broyles. If there's a politician sharing dick pics around town, she's always the first person to know about it.

An aspiring politician is answering questions about an explicit photo.

Tim Krahling posted a nude selfie on a social media account.

Krahling first denied putting it online.

But it was posted on his Reddit account.

When NewsChannel 4 asked him about that, he said if it is him, he isn’t worried about the nude photo hurting his political campaign.

Yeah, I wouldn't be worried about it hurting his "campaign" either. In fact, posting dick pics on Reddit seems like a great strategy. Not only will it get you free media coverage on KFOR, but it will show voters you're honest, open and very transparent. It will also give lobbyists and sneak peek at the body parts they're going to suck during the legislative session.

Here's a censored version of the photograph that caused all the controversy:

ok libertarian

Question 1: Is there a line? If so, did I just cross it?

Question 2: Shouldn't you clean up a bit before posting a selfie like that? At least put away your dirty towels, inhaler and bottle of Brasso.

Since the KFOR story aired, it looks like Krahling has deleted his Reddit account and Facebook campaign page. I bet he did it because he wants to maintain his privacy, or move everything to his Adult Friend Finder account so it's easier to manage. I'm not sure which one.

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