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Ogle Madness IX: Elite Eight, East Region

9:26 AM EDT on March 28, 2016

sutton swope

We're back with one of the best Mondays of the year: the day after Easter. Why is today so great, you may ask? Discounted chocolate at Walgreens, of course. Candy is the only secular draw to a Christian take on a pagan holiday, and it's a damn good draw.

Anyway, there are only 8 people / things remaining in Ogle Madness IX. Here's the remaining field (click here for the bracket):

East: (1) Emily Sutton vs (3) Lacey Swope
South: (1) Gary England vs (2) Joleen Chaney
Midwest: (2) Chicken Fried Steak vs (5) Teachers
West: (2) Russell Westbrook vs. (4) The Ogle Brothers

The first battle today is between Oklahoma's weather queens in the east regional. Open up another bag of peanut butter cups and cast your votes for the first contest of OMIX's Elite Eight.

(1) Emily Sutton vs (3) Lacey Swope

emily sutton married

(1) Emily Sutton

Round One: Deafeated SAE Frat Boys

Round Two: Defeated David Payne

Sweet Sixteen: Defeated Mayor Mick

Who She Is: Oklahoma’s Weather Princess

Biggest Strength: Calling out internet meteorologists

Biggest Weakness: Pranked too easily

lacey swope big

(3) Lacey Swope

Round One: Defeated Random Median On Western

Round Two: Defeated Edna’s Lunch Boxes

Sweet Sixteen: Defeated Olivia Munn

Who She Is: Emily Sutton’s arch nemesis

Biggest Strength: Deadly with a bow

Biggest Weakness: Gets flustered when she feels a big one

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