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Great news! Colorado can continue illegally supplying Oklahoma with better weed!

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One unique thing about living in Oklahoma is that you get to spend an inordinate amount of time rooting against your own state in the judicial system. To stretch a sports analogy as thin as possible, it's kind of like we're all Philadelphia 76ers fans. The only difference is that instead of rooting for our team to lose games on the court and score a top draft pick, we're pulling for our goofball Attorney General Scott Pruitt to lose cases in the court and... well... strengthen his 2018 run for Governor?

Okay, so maybe NBA tanking isn't the perfect analogy, but who cares. Today's a great day for supporters of state rights and personal freedom! Yesterday, the US Supreme Court declined to hear Oklahoma and Nebraska's stupid lawsuit that challenged Colorado's marijuana laws.

Via USA Today:

The Supreme Court refused Monday to referee a simmering dispute between Colorado and two neighboring states over the cross-border impact of marijuana legalization, heartening legalization advocates who feared the high court could have rolled back their gains.

The justices denied an effort by Oklahoma and Nebraska to bring their grievances about pot-related crime directly to the nation's highest court without seeking to go through lower courts first. Justices Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito dissented, saying they would have heard the states' complaint.

"The plaintiff states have alleged significant harms to their sovereign interests caused by another state," Thomas wrote.

The petition had been pending at the Supreme Court for 15 months while the three states and the federal government made their arguments. Oklahoma and Nebraska complained that pot purchased legally in Colorado is being transported illegally into or through their states, overwhelming police and courts dealing with a sudden influx of smugglers.

That's bullshit. As I'm sure many of you know, it's never been difficult to get ahold of marijuana in Oklahoma. I'm pretty sure everyone knows someone who knows someone who knows a sheriff's deputy who seized marijuana via civil asset forfeiture and is now selling it on the side. The only thing Colorado's legalization has done is improve the quality of marijuana in Oklahoma. Now instead of buying a green baggy with who knows what in it, you're able to find any indica, sativa or hybrid in the strength you want and in the form you want (shatter, edibles, oil, wax, pre-rolled joints, etc.) to treat a variety of medical and social symptoms ranging from insomnia to headaches to total boredom. Or so I've heard. I've read about marijuana in books.

Anyway, let's hear Scott Pruitt's response. He loves publicity and pandering to the 20% of nutty ass Oklahoman's who actually vote in elections. I'm sure he was critical of the activist judges who refused to hear his case that would infringe on the rights of another state.

Here's his most recent press release:

Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt, along with the Consumer Protection Unit of the Attorney General’s Office, will kick off Consumer Protection Day at the Oklahoma State Capitol on Tuesday with a press conference in the Senate Lounge.

The annual press conference will highlight the importance of consumer protection in the Attorney General’s Office and recognize this year’s recipient of the Brad Edwards Consumer Champion Award. Corporal John Johnson, of the Ardmore Police Department, who has demonstrated exemplary service in the protection of Oklahoma consumers, will receive the award from Attorney General Pruitt and the daughter of the late Brad Edwards, Ashton Edwards.

Oh, he hasn't issued a release yet. Maybe he got stoned and forgot!!!

(Editor's Note: That's my second "Stoners get high and forget things" joke in two days. Maybe I should get high and come up with more lines).

Anyway, I guess we'll wait and see if Oklahoma and Nebraska will re-file their lawsuit in the district courts. Since they like to interfere with states rights and the private, personal decisions of adults, I'm sure they probably will. And just like a 76ers fan, I'll be here rooting for my own team to lose.

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