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Ogle Madness IX: Second Round, East Region

8:35 AM EDT on March 21, 2016


You survived another weekend. Maybe you're back at work today, idling through the day by reading fine websites such as The Lost Ogle. Maybe you're one of those guys who got the March Madness $200 Vasectomy Special and have the rest of the week off to ice your jewels and watch basketball. Or, if you're like me, you've been working all weekend and it's just another day.

Whatever your situation, today brings the start of the second round of this thrilling OGLE MADNESS IX tournament. Here's the updated bracket if you like updated brackets. Click the image for a bigger look. Sadly, no perfect brackets remain:

ogle madness iX bracket

This morning, you'll be voting on some tough match-ups, like Mayor Mick vs NW 23rd & Penn. Personally, I would love to see Mick making friendly small-talk with the people smoking crack behind 7-Eleven, but this is a battle and not a negotiation.

(1) Emily Sutton vs (9) David Payne
(4) Mayor Mick vs (5) NW 23rd & Penn Intersection
(3) Lacey Swope vs (6) Edna's Lunch Boxes
(2) Olivia Munn vs (7) Oklahoma City Energy

Go Vote!

(1) Emily Sutton vs (9) David Payne

emily sutton popular mechanics

(1) Emily Sutton

Round One: Deafeated SAE Frat Boys

Who She Is: Oklahoma’s Weather Princess

Biggest Strength: Calling out internet meteorologists

Biggest Weakness: Pranked too easily

david payne weather dong 2

(9) David Payne

Round One: Defeated Meg Alexander

Who He Is: News 9’s Weather Hefe

Biggest Strength: Futuristic storm chasing power board

Biggest Weakness: Prone to spontaneous weather boners

(4) Mayor Mick vs (5) NW 23rd & Penn Intersection

Oklahoma City Mayor Mick Cornett Oct. 5, 2010 in downtown Oklahoma City.

(4) Mayor Mick

Round One: Defeated Abortion Abolitionists

Who He Is: Taco Bell spokesperson/city leader

Biggest Strength: Winning smile, not a far-right lunatic

Biggest Weakness: Lost an election to Mary Fallin

23rd and penn

(5) NW 23rd and Penn Intersection

Round One: Defeated Regular Jim Traber

What It Is: An awful place for your car to break down

Biggest Strength: Possesses a large army of crazed junkies willing to do anything; 24-hour McDonald’s

Biggest Weakness: Always smells like grease and cheap menthol cigarettes

(3) Lacey Swope vs (6) Edna's Lunch Boxes

lacey swope 5

(3) Lacey Swope

Round One: Defeated Random Median On Western

Who She Is: Emily Sutton’s arch nemesis

Biggest Strength: Deadly with a bow

Biggest Weakness: Gets flustered when she feels a big one

jimmy fallon lunchbox

(6) Edna’s Lunch Boxes

Round One: Defeated Harold Hamm

What they are: A delicious concoction of amaretto, orange juice, and cheap beer

Biggest Strength: Gets you drunk

Biggest Weakness: A little too drunk


(2) Olivia Munn vs (7) Oklahoma City Energy


(2) Olivia Munn

Round One: Defeated Video Vigilante

Who She Is: PC North grad-turned-Hollywood megababe

Biggest Strength: Cos-play, fighting skills, dates an NFL quarterback

Biggest Weakness: Too many mouth-breathing nerds for fans


(7) Oklahoma City Energy

Round One: Defeated Panhandlers

Who They Are: Oklahoma’s first professional soccer team

Biggest Strength: Really good at running, 0% body fat

Biggest Weakness: Insists that they play “football”

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