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Ogle Madness IX: Midwest Region (Lower Bracket)

Boy oh boy is the Ogle Madness maddening this year. So many crazy locals, so much potential for upsets, and you don't have very long to vote, so cast 'em now! Make sure to put your votes in for the Upper Bracket of the Midwest Region before it's too late. Here's your match-ups:

(6) Michell Dobyne vs. (11) Hipster Prince of Edmond
(3) Earthquakes vs. (14) Carol Hefner
(7) David Boren vs. (10) Mary Fallin
(2) Chicken Fried Steak vs. (15) Galleria Furniture Girl

(6) Michell Dobyne vs. (11) Hipster Prince of Edmond

Michelle Dobyne

(6) Michell Dobyne

Who She Is: Witness of an apartment fire

Biggest Strength: Excellent storytelling skills, M&M jacket

Biggest Weakness: Has yet to follow-up with a local commercial deal


prince of edmond2

(11) Hipster Prince of Edmond

Who He Is: Rich Edmond kid

Biggest Strength: Has a nanny

Biggest Weakness: Missed out on Livejournal



(3) Earthquakes vs. (14) Carol Hefner

joleen chaney emily sutton earthquake 2

(3) Earthquakes

What They Are: Seismic reactions triggered by wastewater injection

Biggest Strength: Could knock your whole motherfucking house down

Biggest Weakness: Hasn't spawned an Okie-centric "Twister" style movie yet


carol hefner

(14) Carol Hefner

Who She Is: Racist old white lady

Biggest Strength: Perfecting the perfect imitation Olive Garden salad dressing

Biggest Weakness: Sanity



(7) David Boren vs. (10) Mary Fallin

david boren

(7) David Boren

Who He Is: President of OU

Biggest Strength: Covering up the cause of earthquakes

Biggest Weakness: Ashamed of his son


mary fallin kd

(10) Mary Fallin

Who She Is: A shrewd and embarrassing elected official

Biggest Strength: Somehow winning elections

Biggest Weakness: Recalling the three branches of government



(2) Chicken Fried Steak vs. (15) Galleria Furniture Girl


(2) Chicken Fried Steak

What It Is: Not chicken, barely a steak, all the way delicious

Biggest Strength: Smothered in gravy

Biggest Weakness: Leading cause of heart disease in Oklahoma


galleria girl

(15) Galleria Furniture Girl

Who She Is: Somewhat-competent spokesperson

Biggest Strength: Can repeat lines from memory

Biggest Weakness: Too excited about irregular carpet


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