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Ogle Madness: South Region (Lower Bracket)

11:44 AM EDT on March 15, 2016

Ogle Madness IX rockets on with the lower side of the South Region. There are some great weirdos in this bracket. Who you got?

(6) Sir John Michael vs. (11) Wayne Payne
(3) Baker Mayfield vs. (14) New Wayne Coyne
(7) Shelby Hays vs. (10) Kyle Singler
(2) Joleen Chaney vs. (15) Lawton

You can checkout the other side of this region here. Make sure to vote, and give us your predictions in the comments or on Twitter!

(6) Sir John Michael vs. (11) Wayne Payne

Sir John Michael

(6) Sir John Michael

Who He Is: Wizard from the future who lives in a school bus

Biggest Strength: Smooth with the ladies, +1 with a staff

Biggest Weakness: Refuses to wear a shirt



(11) Wayne Payne

What It Is: A sign on I-35

Biggest Strength: Sounds like an attorney or a Damon Wayans' movie

Biggest Weakness: Only 2-dimensional



(3) Baker Mayfield vs. (14) New Wayne Coyne

baker mayfield

(3) Baker Mayfield

Who He Is: OU quarterback

Biggest Strength: Excellent headband game

Biggest Weakness: From Texas


wayne coyne

(14) New Wayne Coyne

Who He Is: Crusty old hipster on MDMA

Biggest Strength: Wrote some great songs twenty years ago

Biggest Weakness: Snorts Viagra, farts glitter



(7) Shelby Hays vs. (10) Kyle Singler

shelby hayes

(7) Shelby Hays

Who She Is: KOCO meteorologist

Biggest Strength: Cheap taste in clothes

Biggest Weakness:  See above


kyle singler

(10) Kyle Singler

Who He Is: Oklahoma City Thunder forward

Biggest Strength: Can reach things on the top shelf

Biggest Weakness: Gets lost on offense, defense, and at the grocery store



(2) Joleen Chaney vs. (15) Lawton

joleen chaney big watermelon

(2) Joleen Chaney

Who She Is: News 9 reporter/Watermelon Queen

Biggest Strength: Can fit inside a watermelon

Biggest Weakness: Attracts wild Gallaghers



(15) Lawton

What It Is: Suburb of Meers

Biggest Strength: World-class local rap scene

Biggest Weakness: Fascist school system


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