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Ogle Madness IX: South Region (Upper Bracket)

ogle madness 9

Ogle Madness is officially in full swing, and we're on to the South Region, which is a doozy. There are some heavy-hitters, and this Upper Bracket is no exception. Make your votes today!

(1) Gary England vs. (16) Obesity
(8) Mike Morgan vs. (9) Damon Lane
(4) Weather Dongs vs. (13) John Moreland
(5) Onion Burgers vs. (12) Ten Commandments Monument

(1) Gary England vs. (16) Obesity


(1) Gary England

Who He Is: Exalted Weather Deity/reigning Ogle Madness champion

Biggest Strength: Controlling the wind and the thunder, keeping you advised

Biggest Weakness: X-ray vision has diminished in recent years



(16) Obesity

What It Is: A disorder affecting one third of Oklahomans

Biggest Strength: Makes the State Fair much more entertaining

Biggest Weakness: Early death, bad for bathing suit season



(8) Mike Morgan vs. (9) Damon Lane


(8) Mike Morgan

Who He Is: KFOR's chief meteorologist

Biggest Strength: Dazzling tie game, hot wife

Biggest Weakness: Fear-mongering


damon lane koco

(9) Damon Lane

Who He Is: KOCO meteorologist

Biggest Strength: Stays calm under pressure

Biggest Weakness: Stuck at Channel 5



(4) Weather Dongs vs. (13) John Moreland

damon lane weather dong

(4) Weather Dongs

What They Are: Incidental phallic imagery during weather broadcasts

Biggest Strength: Can humiliate even the proudest weatherperson

Biggest Weakness: Fleeting


John Moreland @ The Roxy Theatre, West Hollywood - 04/26/2015

(13) John Moreland

Who He Is: Singer-songwriter with a voice of gravel and heart of gold

Biggest Strength: Writing songs that can make grown men weep

Biggest Weakness: Hats



(5) Onion Burgers vs. (12) Ten Commandments Monument


(5) Onion Burgers

What They Are: Hamburgers with a mound of grilled onions

Biggest Strength: Can make a vegan reconsider their life choices

Biggest Weakness: Gives you awful breath


Ten Commandments Monument

(12) Ten Commandments Monument

What It Is: Slab of granite with quotes from some popular book

Biggest Strength: Strong, durable granite

Biggest Weakness: Wastes tax payer money

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