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Toddler finds needle in South OKC McDonald’s playground…

5:02 PM EDT on March 14, 2016

It looks like someone is not lovin' McDonald's.

On Saturday, a Metro mom whined on Facebook that her toddler found a syringe in the McDonald's Playland on 134th and S. Western. The post has since received 741 shares.

Check it out:

mcdonalds facebook

Yeah, know what's even more "DISGUSTING" than finding a needle in the McDonald's playground??? That would be allowing your toddler eat the "food" at McDonald's. Seriously, are you trying to get in their monthly allotment of sugar, sodium and saturated fat in one meal? Someone should call DHS immediately.

Also, who sends their kid into a McDonald's Playground nowadays without first dressing them in a protective hazmat suit? Those playgrounds have more bacteria than the Oklahoma River. Hell, I still blame that weird Mayor McCheese jail ladder thing for giving me pink eye when I was 6. Why don't you have your toddler roll around the floor of the bathroom and lick the bottom of trays, too?

In case you care, here's a pic of the needle. I'd like to give props to the McDonald's manager who refused to pick it up. The $10 an hour she makes serving people processed globs of starches and fats probably isn't worth contracting hepatitis:

insulin shot mcdonalds oklahoma

Oh! So it was just an insulin shot. I'm sure everything's fine. It probably belonged to some kid who contracted diabetes from eating too much McDonald's. Simply wash your hands and everything will be fine.

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