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Ogle Madness IX: East Region (Upper Bracket)


Welcome to the first round of Ogle Madness IX! It's kind of like March Madness, only with 72% more local meteorologists. The days ahead will be full of exciting match-ups and bracket-busting upsets. Maybe this will be the year you finally win your office pool!

You DO have a pool going, right? It's not too late to print off a dozen copies of the bracket and try to bully your co-workers into throwing down some money on this meaningless tournament. If it's like the other Madness bracket tourney your office has going, the winner will probably be someone who has never been to this site before and is just picking the names that sound best, but it's worth a shot.

Here's your morning match-ups. You have 24 hours to vote. The second half of the bracket will be up later this afternoon.

(1) Emily Sutton vs. (16) SAE Frat Boys

(8) Meg Alexander vs. (9) David Payne

(4) Mayor Mick vs. (13) Abortion Abolitionists

(5) NW 23rd and Penn Intersection vs. (12) Regular Jim Traber


(1) Emily Sutton vs. (16) SAE Frat Boys

emily sutton popular mechanics

(1) Emily Sutton

Who She Is: Oklahoma's Weather Princess

Biggest Strength: Calling out internet meteorologists

Biggest Weakness: Pranked too easily



(16) SAE Racist Frat Boys

Who They Are: Privileged white boys

Biggest Strength: Singing racist chants

Biggest Weakness: Bigotry, popped collars



(8) Meg Alexander vs. (9) David Payne

(8) Meg Alexander

Who She Is: Host of "Living Oklahoma" on KOKH

Biggest Strength: Probably has a bitchin' Pinterest page

Biggest Weakness: Enunciation


david payne weather dong 2

(9) David Payne

Who He Is: News 9's Weather Hefe

Biggest Strength: Futuristic storm chasing power board

Biggest Weakness: Prone to spontaneous weather boners



(4) Mayor Mick vs. (13) Abortion Abolitionists

Oklahoma City Mayor Mick Cornett Oct. 5, 2010 in downtown Oklahoma City.

(4) Mayor Mick

Who He Is: Taco Bell spokesperson/city leader

Biggest Strength: Winning smile, not a far-right lunatic

Biggest Weakness: Lost an election to Mary Fallin


abortion abolitionist

(13) Abortion Abolitionists

Who They Are: Angry religious nuts

Biggest Strength: Sign-making, shouting

Biggest Weakness: Really bad party guests



(5) NW 23rd and Penn Intersection vs. (12) Regular Jim Traber

23rd and penn

(5) NW 23rd and Penn Intersection

What It Is: An awful place for your car to break down

Biggest Strength: Possesses a large army of crazed junkies willing to do anything; 24-hour McDonald's

Biggest Weakness: Always smells like grease and cheap menthol cigarettes



(12) Regular Jim Traber

Who He Is: Loudmouthed sports radio personality

Biggest Strength: Spews takes that are hotter than magma, can eat an entire Mazzio's large pizza in under twelve minutes

Biggest Weakness: Unenthusiastic reading of advertising spots


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