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Ogle Madness IX: East Region (Lower Bracket)


Are you experiencing itchiness, frequent sweating, and difficulty breathing? You might think it's your allergies going bonkers, but it's actually a severe case of OGLE MADNESS! The only cure is to come to the site every day and vote. And maybe penicillin. On second thought, you should get checked out, that growth on your neck looks awful.

The top half of the bracket was posted earlier, make sure to vote while you can! Here's the remainder of the Eastern Region, which is stacked with past Ogle Madness champs, lovable local entities, and some pretty despicable ones too:

(6) Edna's Lunch Boxes vs. (11) Harold Hamm
(3) Lacey Swope vs. (14) Random Median on Western
(7) Oklahoma City Energy vs. (10) Panhandlers
(2) Olivia Munn vs. (15) Video Vigilante


(6) Edna's Lunch Boxes vs. (11) Harold Hamm

jimmy fallon lunchbox

(6) Edna's Lunch Boxes

What they are: A delicious concoction of amaretto, orange juice, and cheap beer

Biggest Strength: Gets you drunk

Biggest Weakness: A little too drunk


harold hamm

(11) Harold Hamm

Who He Is: CEO of Continental Resources

Biggest Strength: Making money, and then using the money to buy influence and power

Biggest Weakness: Still writes checks



(3) Lacey Swope vs. (14) Random Median on Western

lacey swope 5

(3) Lacey Swope

Who She Is: Emily Sutton's arch nemesis

Biggest Strength: Deadly with a bow

Biggest Weakness: Gets flustered when she feels a big one


Median 2

(14) Random Median on Western

What It Is: An annoying chunk of cement in the middle of the road

Biggest Strength: Pisses off guys with Truck Nutz on their Silverados

Biggest Weakness: Construction will not be finished until 2024



(7) Oklahoma City Energy vs. (10) Panhandlers


(7) Oklahoma City Energy

Who They Are: Oklahoma's first professional soccer team

Biggest Strength: Really good at running, 0% body fat

Biggest Weakness: Insists that they play "football"


Pan 2

(10) Panhandlers

Who They Are: Impoverished people whom you desperately try to avoid eye-contact with

Biggest Strength: Don't have to clock into a job or file taxes

Biggest Weakness: Medians



(2) Olivia Munn vs. (15) Video Vigilante


(2) Olivia Munn

Who She Is: PC North grad-turned-Hollywood megababe

Biggest Strength: Cos-play, fighting skills, dates an NFL quarterback

Biggest Weakness: Too many mouth-breathing nerds for fans



(15) Video Vigilante

Who He Is: A creep who shames sex workers and their customers; defends rapists

Biggest Strength: Controls an army of drones

Biggest Weakness: Nobody likes a narc



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