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Mary Fallin now wears a red cape…

One cool thing about the 2016 presidential race is that politicians finally seem to care about Oklahoma. Usually the front-runners have been established by now and voters here are ignored like a school zone on N. Classen, but thanks to the clusterf*uck known as the GOP and the rise of Bernie Sanders, our votes actually matter. As a result, major candidates are flying into the state, holding rallies, giving stump speeches and buying up all the commercial air time on the local news. It's kind of fun, isn't it?

One person who's really enjoying our state's moment in the limelight is esteemed Governor Mary Fallin. On Friday, she put on her newest red cape and attended a rally for Marco Rubio:

Well, I guess this explains why Mary Fallin told Marco "My, what big ears and eyes you have!" on stage. Also, it's nice to see the time she spent with The Count on Sesame Street is finally paying off. Sure, it would have been nice if he would have taught her how to count the three branches of government instead of offering fashion advice, but beggars can't be choosers.

Seriously, what is going on there? Normally when you see a person wearing a cape in public it reminds you of our state's mental health funding crisis. Now I'm just reminded of the stupidity of Oklahoma voters. Did she and Christina get their dry cleaning mixed up? What's next? Pink hair. Native American headdresses?

Actually, I bet Mary just planned on taking a long walk through the woods to her grandma's house after the rally. That would make sense.

On an oddly positive note, it appears Mary only has one cape outfit. We know this because in typical Mary Fallin fashion she wore the same damn outfit two days later to a Donald Trump rally. Here's a pic from local photographer David Jennings:

blaze cape

I think my favorite part of that photograph (once again, outside the futuristic cape) is Mary's personal assistant, Travis Brauer, clearly taking a pic of the photographer with his phone. You're on the list now, photographer.

Anyway. I texted some fashion experts (a.k.a. women) to see if the cape thing is becoming a fad, and they were all kind of dumbfounded by it. One person said Mary's clothing item is something called a "Blaze Cape," which sounds like either a drink or sex move at the Hi-Lo. Also, this isn't the only fashion faux pas of her Gubernatorial career. Who could forget this?

fallin open toe shoes governors association 2

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