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Donald Trump is coming to Oaklahoma City tomorrow…

11:55 AM EST on February 25, 2016

Maybe it's time I leave KFOR and join the Donald Trump campaign.

In case you didn't know, The Donald will be making a return visit to Oklahoma City tomorrow to tell poorly educated people about how he's going to make America great again.

Here's his Facebook event invite:

Donald Trump Oaklahoma

I know the 29% of Oklahoma Republicans who support Trump probably don't know how to spell our state's name either, but that's not cool. If he's going to insult us with his presence, he should at least have the common decency to spell our name right. It's "Oklahoma is OK!" not "Oaklahoma is Oak."

If you remember correctly, this isn't the first time Trump has butchered the spelling of an Oaklahoma metropolis. Check out the media passes from his recent visit to Tulsa:

donald trump tusla

Oaklahoma City? Tusla? Where's Trump going to end up next? Stoolwater? Fartlesville? Bunns Flat? Actually, I doubt he'll visit any of those places. He probably has a campaign stop in Arkansaw.

h / t High Five Media

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