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Judy Love, the matriarch of the Love’s Travel Stops fortune, wants Lebron to “Suck it up!”

10:45 AM EST on February 22, 2016

suck it up lebron judy love

Apparently the Love's family doesn't enjoy their seats in Love's Loud City.

We know this thanks to the family's feisty little matriarch, the Mitt Romney loving socialite Judy Love. Yesterday, while the Thunder were laying yet another massive egg on the court, she told LeBron James to "Suck It Up" while enjoying the game from her cushy, courtside seats that cost over $1,000 per game.

In case you live in a cave in Meeker, the clip went viral on social media Sunday afternoon. LeBron even posted it on Instagram:

I guess she told me!! Hahahaha #JustSuckItUpLeBron #NoMomo #Classic

A video posted by LeBron James (@kingjames) on

That's kind of funny. Although I wish LeBron would have responded with something snappy like "Oh yeah, and why don't you go suck it up and mop the floor of one of your family's disgusting gas station bathrooms," it was kind of nice have someone distract us from the massive, uninspired hand job the Thunder put on the court.

Seriously, what's up with OKC? I've never seen the team lack so much focus, drive and passion. The Billy Donovan hire is starting to look like a bigger blunder than the Harden trade. With Monty Williams and Mo Cheeks (the two experienced NBA coaches that Presti hired to coach for Donovan) both away from the team, OKC has looked more lost than an out-of-towner trying to navigate Classen Curve. Maybe it's time for Sam Presti to read about the sunk cost fallacy and cut the team's losses while the season, and franchise's future, is still salvageable. Yeah, the team may have to eat a big portion of his "what were they thinking" 5-year, $30-million contract, but who cares, it's not our money. Judy Love is worth about $6-billion dollars. Maybe we should ask her to "Suck it up" and help pay for it.

(Editor's Note: Now that I've kind of called for Presti to fire Donovan, expect OKC to turn things around and win the championship.)

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