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The Hipster Prince of Edmond removed his blog posts…

chase reeser

hi yal!

im pattywack pat. bloggin today 4 my schweddy fwendz. hi Wayne! <3sad newz to report. chase reeeeeeeser aka mighty fab hipster prince of edmond took down his blog postings like a kool latte at Edmond tea faktory. too kool 4 skool ((if you know what i mean lulz). probably too busy playing No Doubt 4 sure at band practice.

if you go to his site right now ya'll only see two posts. see what i mean?

chase reeser

where the other posts go, figaro figaro villian!? no monday fire monkey vibes!!!!! :( -- My hazel eyes want to read more about Edmond from the looking glass of a hipster who takes photo in front of Uptown Grocery. LOVES ORGANIC GRANOLA. As nanny says, "Blogging aint 4 everyone but Edmond is perfect."

But don't worry. cooler sh!t things coming soon. Like Miley for life. hopefully includes more capital letter and proper english and more pics of bestie freeing the nipple (if you know what I mean probably) because thats cool. Can't wait yall!

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