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Aaron Tuttle has amended his lawsuit against us…

10:32 AM EST on February 17, 2016

aaron tuttle hearts

Back in December, we told you the bizarre story about Diabolical Facebook Weatherman Aaron Tuttle suing us for, amongst other things, invasion of privacy, defamation and conversion. It was such an absurd story that even The Oklahoman picked it up.

Former Oklahoma City TV meteorologist files lawsuit against local satirical website

A former TV meteorologist has filed a lawsuit against the writers of a local satirical website claiming they illegally obtained and posted his Facebook photos to “maliciously embarrass and defame” him.

The pictures, as they are posted by, expose “Aaron Tuttle to public hatred, contempt and ridicule,” depriving him of public confidence, and injuring him in his occupation, the lawsuit alleges…

On January 23, nearly a month after the lawsuit was filed, I was finally served papers. Maybe I’ve watched Pineapple Express a few too many times, but the whole thing was rather anti-climatic. I was just chilling in my back room on a Saturday afternoon watching basketball and not smoking weed when someone knocked on my front door. Standing on my porch was some skinny old man who looked like he sold shoes at Dillard’s. I opened my door. He said “Patrick?” I said “Yeah.” He mumbled “Here you go” and handed me some papers. He then nodded his head and scurried away. That was it. He wasn’t dressed in a disguise as a newspaper salesmen, utility worker or a spray tanned gladiator:

aaron tuttle

Now that I've finally been served, there have been a couple of developments in the case:

1. We’ve hired a TLO Legal Dream Team.

2. Aaron Tuttle has amended his original lawsuit.

Let’s talk about the TLO Legal Dream Team First.

After an exhaustive interview and vetting process, we’ve selected local attorney Scott Adams as our chief legal counsel. He just defended a cop who raped a bunch of women, so he happily took our case. As a result, we get the Video Vigilante as a paralegal. Awesome! We’ve also retained the services of David Slane. He helped me get out of a jam at Lake Hefner a couple of years ago and…

Okay, that joke went too far. We didn’t hire either one of those weirdoes. We’re going big league. We are actually represented by the law firm of Dunlap Codding. They’re one of the largest, oldest and most respected law firms in the state of Oklahoma. They specialize in intellectual property, so I guess you could say they are (wait for it… wait for it…) copyright attorneys who specialize in copyright law!

Actually, the fun folks at Dunlap Codding specialize in way more than that. Dunlap Codding is home to a group of professionals with diverse scientific and legal acumen. The philosophy of the firm is simple: to listen and respond to each client’s unique needs with micro-customized services; to provide each client with an exemplary work product; and to help our clients create and protect robust intellectual property portfolios, vigorously pursued and properly grounded in both science and law. Okay, I basically just stole that from their website, but their micro-customized services are pretty cool. They also let you drink Anthem beer at meetings.

The attorneys handling our specific case are Douglas J. Sorocco (he recently injured his leg while rescuing old people from a nursing home fire), Evan Talley (his hobbies include magic and archery) and Chicagoan Jordan Sigale (who I’m trying to be really nice to so I can hit him up for Cubs tickets this summer). On the advice of these guys, I really can’t discuss the lawsuit, our legal strategy, and all that fun stuff. It sucks to be professional and big league.

However, I can let you know that Aaron filed an amended lawsuit on February 9th. He’s dropped the ridiculous defamation, invasion of privacy, and right of publicity claims, but he’s still suing us for something called “conversion.” It's basically a very legal way of accusing that we stole from him. Obviously we disagree with his frivolous charges and will fight them to the end. We will not be censored! FREEDOM!

Although Tuttle wisely dropped several of the original charges, some of the hysterical parts of Tuttle’s lawsuit are still included. My favorite is:

tlo lawsuit

Yep, Aaron has it "on good information" that TLO is written and managed by Clark Matthews and Patrick Riley. That's funny, because I have it "on good information" that Clark Matthews left the site in 2012 so he could attend classes at Paul’s Beauty College. But what do I know. I'm just a pseudonymity.

Anyway, the next step in this process is that we have to file a response. That should be completed very soon. When it is, we'll let you know. Until then, what I told The Oklahoman back in December still rings true:

As it’s been widely reported, The Lost Ogle is a satirical news and information website. Whether it’s the governor of Oklahoma or a diabolical Facebook weatherman who enjoys exercise, we’re confident in our First Amendment rights to parody, criticize and make jokes about public figures.

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