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Apparently Moore city leaders have never driven in Moore

10:19 AM EST on February 2, 2016


I think we can all agree that traffic in the Oklahoma City Metro over the past ten years has gotten out of hand. Everything seems to be growing a lot faster than cities can keep up with, which means there are way too many drivers on already terrible streets. And while I definitely feel this traffic problem on Santa Fe when I go to my parents' house in Edmond, I think we can all agree that no place has this problem quite like 19th Street in Moore.

When I wrote this post about the worst intersections in the Metro, some commenters reminded me I left the intersection of 19th and Telephone Road out. And I did, but not on purpose. You see, the last time I drove through the intersection, it was after leaving the Five Guys Burgers there in 2011. The reason I left was because an old lady drove her Toyota Camry through the front of the store, and showered my cajun fries with glass shards. Then, as I was trying to turn north onto Telephone Road from 19th, a truck in the non-turning lane decided to turn ahead of me, even though he didn't have a green light, and cut me off, causing me to go up onto the curb. Basically, that intersection was the basis for Mad Max: Fury Road. I think.

I'm not saying that the residents of Moore should learn to drive. Though, I'm not arguing against it. I am saying, though, that there are some terrible traffic spots, and I would argue that the 19th Street bridge over I-35 and the surrounding intersections are the sorts of places where the most work is needed, especially if they are just going to keep building businesses and shopping centers right in that area.

Arguably, that is the area that needs the most work. But Moore city leaders seem to think otherwise. According to KFOR, Moore thinks they need an underpass at the railroad tracks on 4th Street to alleviate that traffic. Apparently no Moore city leader was present at Five Guys the day that lady drove right through it, or tried to turn onto Telephone Road while a bro with an oversized truck cut them off, or has tried to exit the highway at 19th Street, or even tried to get to that sweet, precious Dairy Queen. Come on, Moore.

And while I'm at it, I have like a thousand terrible words to say about the I-35 Service Road that runs in front of the Warren, and the stop sign that allows people exiting the highway to have the right of way. That whole area is a problem. Can we please address that first? Because I'm really tired of going to the Hollywood Theater in Norman, but I will continue to do so if it means not driving in crappy Moore traffic.

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