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The Cleveland County Sheriff likes to write letters…

9:22 AM EST on January 28, 2016


Meet Cleveland County Sheriff Joe Lester. He loves writing letters. He doesn't care if it's a pretend letter for a promotional photo like the one above, or a crazy one posted on Facebook with fancy words that encourages citizens to defend themselves from foreign or domestic enemies like tyrant President Hussein Obama. The man is simply a letter writing machine.

Let's check out how the crazy Facebook letter begins...

"With the recent and continuing attempts by the current leader of our government and his iniquitous minions..."

Wait a second. Is this a letter from a concerned sheriff or the beginning to the next hit young adult dystopian future novel? It's hard to tell. Is he part of some secret rebel alliance that we don't know about? Should we warn the others? Are there others?

In case you're not 200 years old, here's the definition for iniquitous:

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 12.36.12 AM

Yeah, the good old Cleveland County Sheriff basically called Obama's minions "grossly unfair" and "morally wrong?" I'm sure all the federal workers who live in Cleveland County appreciate that. If the Sheriff is audited next year, I think we'll know why.

Also, notice how "iniquitous" peaked in the early 19th-century? If you need more proof that Oklahoma sheriffs are behind the times, there you go.

Here's the letter in its entirety. It's in a .JPG format. Whether you're a minion or human, you should read it.

joseph keller letter

Well, that was... iniquitous. For their sake, I hope the prisoners in the Cleveland County Jail respect power and authority more than their Sheriff does.

It's really not surprising that Sheriff Lester would release something so stupid.

First of all, he's an Oklahoma sheriff. We expect crazy shit like this from them now. In fact, if an Oklahoma County Sheriff is not saying or doing something stupid we should be concerned, because it probably means they're corrupt and trying to cover something up.

Second, the guy is a tea party wacko. For example, he once gave a speech titled "Better Government without Federal Interference" to the High Noon Club. It's that Sally Kern led group group of anti-government theocrats and moralists who do a fantastic job embarrassing our state on the national level:

Yikes. That was bad. Now we see why this guy writes letters. The speech was so boring he nearly put himself to sleep.

If you want to give Sheriff Lester your thoughts on his letter, or I guess find more information about self-defense act classes, you can head to the Cleveland County Sheriff Facebook Page. If you do, please make sure to stop and appreciate the hypocrisy:

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 9.14.30 AM

They should probably change that to "Honor, Integrity and Professionalism for ALL of Cleveland County... unless you're one of Obama's iniquitous minions." That would be a bit more accurate.

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