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Great, now the Oklahoma Gazette is trolling Aaron Tuttle…


I hope the Oklahoma Gazette has copyright attorneys who specialize in copyright law!

In what can only be construed as a desperate attempt to gain some attention, publicity, and earn a lawsuit, The Oklahoma Gazette published a cartoon in this week's issue that pokes fun at our feud with Diabolical Facebook Weatherman Aaron Tuttle. It was drawn by Louis Fowler's cousin, Oklahoma artist and social media influencer Jack Fowler.

Check it out:

aaron tuttle lost ogle

That's cute! Look at The Gazette hopping all over the Aaron Tuttle bowflex bandwagon!

Do you get the cartoon? You see, Aaron Tuttle has "Lost Ogle" tattooed on his knuckles because... uhm... he's suing us? Or is it because he really wants to beat me up? Is that the joke here? If so, I feel like contacting Aaron's attorney to see if we can file a joint lawsuit against The Gazette for defamation of humor. We deserve better than this.

Seriously, what exactly is The Gazette trying to do? Sabotage us? That's what I think, because all of a sudden trolling Aaron Tuttle seems a little less cool. It's like I just learned my mom and I listen to the same music and watch the same TV shows, only worse. The Gazette should go find its own weatherman and local celebrities to troll, worship and irritate! Yeah, I know we've scooped up all the A-listers already, but I heard Aaron Brackett is available for satire. Also, Jeff George seems kind of short-tempered. He'd be a good target.

Okay, okay, I'm probably overreacting. The people at The Gazette are nice folks and mean well. It's a big city, and we can write about the same personalities and stories. In fact, I can't wait to see Jack Fowler's cartoon about Hipster Boo Boo and read about Greg Elwell's DJing experience at the Red Dog.

Anyway, I should probably end this post with an update on Aaron's lawsuit against us, but he still hasn't served us with papers so there's nothing to add. I'm sure he'll get around to it eventually. He's probably been too busy lifting weights... or he's letting the ink dry on his new knuckle tattoos. We'll let you know more if anything happens.

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