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Kyle Singler is on Tinder…


In mid December, Kyle Singler was perhaps the worst player in basketball. He had a negative PER (it's a fancy basketball stat) and somehow managed to play 200 minutes without logging a single assist. He was playing so bad that his stylist at SuperCuts would no longer talk to him, and according to sources, Billy Donovan was even considering making him a Storm Chaser.

Recently, things have changed. Singler is turning it around. He's playing better and his PER has ballooned to a still league-low 2.11. He's playing hard and with confidence, and has even managed to dish five assists. Before you know it, he may match Kendrick Perkins' career low PER of 6.32 from 2013.

Kyle's resurgence could be due to hard work and effort, trusting his teammates, and other things you'll likely hear from the Thunder Ministry of Propaganda on a Fox Sports Oklahoma broadcast. Or perhaps Kyle's found a little bit of local lady-love on Tinder. Over the holidays, a lovely Mole came across the following profile on the world's most popular hook-up site:

kyle singler 3
kyle singler tinder
kyle singler tinder 2

First of all, I should probably clarify there's a chance this is not Kyle Singler's profile. Although we couldn't find these pics on Instagram or Twitter or anywhere else on the interwebs, I guess this could be a joke or the work of a prankster, hacker or Nigerian prince looking to find some naive honeys in the 405. That being said, I've heard that Kyle Singler lives in a big fancy condo complex near Grand Blvd. and N. Western. The Mole who sent the screenshots lives about a mile away in a neighborhood near Bishop McGuinness. Notice how the screenshots say "1 Mile away?" I guess that could be coincidence, but who knows.

Also, there's nothing wrong with being on Tinder. It works out great for lots of people. For example, Reed Timmer had an account and he's now married to a hot Fox News weather babe. Former OKC news babe Bree Steffen created a profile and she now lives in San Diego. And 20 minutes after Steve Shaw made his first connection, he found $20 in the pocket of his leather jacket. Joy comes from Tinder!

That being said, it is kind of weird to see an NBA player on a dating app. I thought one of the perks of being a rich and famous male athlete is you don't have to live like common people or do whatever common people do. You can just walk into any bar, Target or Life Church and the ladies will flock to you. Who knows, maybe Kyle is just shy or his poor play turned off traditional basketball groupies. Whatever the reason, I hope his quest for love is a success, and his improved play continues. Go Thunder!

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