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Deadbeat Dads are going to have a Merry Christmas!

ethan hawke

Here's a story from last week that we missed.

Apparently the Department of Human Services screwed up (imagine that) and accidentally charged deadbeat dad's too much interest on back child support payments. As a result, a class-action lawsuit has been filed against the state agency and... well... facepalm.


A judge has ruled against the Oklahoma Department of Human Services in a class-action lawsuit — a decision that could cost the state millions of dollars if upheld on appeal.

Oklahoma County District Judge Barbara Swinton agreed the state agency for years has charged fathers in paternity cases too much in interest on back child support judgments.

Four men filed the lawsuit in 2011, complaining they were wrongfully charged 10 percent interest on back child support rather than a fluctuating rate determined by the prime rate set by banks.

Deadbeat dads were complaining about 10% interest? Uhm, that's probably 15% lower than the interest they pay on the pre-owned Ram pickups they buy from David Stanley. If anything, they should be grateful they got such a swell deal.

Actually, I fully expect David Stanley to start targeting deadbeat dad's in their new TV commercials. "No credit? No problem! Come in this week and we'll double your child support interest settlement towards any new Ram in stock! Certain restrictions apply."

Here's more:

Their attorney complained DHS has used the wrong interest rate since 1993, ignoring an Oklahoma Court of Civil Appeals decision on the issue.

The attorney, Bob Robinson, estimates the state will have to reimburse fathers $130 million or more. "We believe the dads need to get their money back," said Robinson, whose law office is in Oklahoma City.

DHS attorney Richard Freeman said of that estimate, "It could be in the millions for sure, potentially. I don't think it will be that much."

The DHS attorney also said the reimbursements could come from insurance.

Both sides have agreed to let DHS appeal Swinton's ruling before taking up the issue of how much is to be reimbursed.

That seems ridiculous, but you know what, good for the deadbeat dads. They may be lowlife assholes who don't financially support their kids, but they're human and have rights, too. Maybe they can use the settlement money to pay their back child support, or just spend it on cigarettes, strippers and slot machines at tribal casinos like they usually do. At least that will help the economy.

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