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Russell Westbrook doesn’t want Berry Tramel to get things twisted…

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About the only thing we learned about OKC during last season's frustrating, injury-plagued season was Russell Westbrook's feelings about Berry "Boomer" Tramel. If you remember correctly, they were not very positive.

We first got a glimpse of Russ' feelings back in January when he intentionally cutoff Old Bullfeathers during a postgame interview:

A month or two later, we were then treated to the very direct "I don't like you" moment."

Although we may be in a new Thunder season, it looks like some old grudges remain.

Last night, the Thunder suffered their worst loss of the young season when they were outworked, out-hustled and out-executed by the Boston Celtics. Former OSU star Marcus Smart played especially well in the contest, having a career night while matched-up against one of the best basketball players on the planet.

Berry tried to milk Smart's performance for all it's worth by trolling Russell after the game:

No lie, my man crush on Russell Westbrook is growing faster than Steven Adams' unfortunate man bun. It's going to suck watching him play for the Lakers in a couple of years. Maybe there he'll finally have a chance to win a title.

Russ actually brought up a great point to Tramel. Sure, Smart had a good game, but any professional athlete is capable of that. In fact, Smart's "great" game was barely any better than Russ' 27-point, 4-rebound, 5-assist "clunker." What makes a good player a great player is showing up on a night-to-night, 82 game basis, something that Smart, as evidenced by his 14.06 PER, really hasn't been able to do.

But, of course, Tramel really doesn't care about such truths. He has newspapers to sell, and former Oklahoma State Cowboys to promote. Here is today's column in The Oklahoman:

Marcus Smart gets the better of Russell Westbrook

Russell Westbrook frustrates and intimidates opponents. He plays basketball with a redwood on his shoulder. It's part of what makes him great.

Not every NBA player stands up to Westbrook. Those that do aren't always successful. But Marcus Smart was Sunday night.

The Celtic point guard, 19 months removed from the OSU campus, won a clash of wills with Westbrook and Boston beat the Thunder 100-85...

For the safety of Boomer Tramel and those around him, can we have The Oklahoman send him to cover some OU women's basketball games for the next few weeks. That will give Russ some time to cool off. We're probably due for another feature about Sherri Coale anyway. I can't wait not to read it.

Seriously, Tram. This isn't the same as trolling Regular Jim Traber when he's at a radio remote. Russell Westbrook doesn't mouth-breath into microphones and make laps around the Mazzio's pizza buffet. He's the honey badger! He's crazy! He runs around all over the place and eats larva! He has no regard for any other animal whatsoever. That includes old, folksy, trolling journalists. Expect some rocket propelled passes to start making their way into press row sometime soon. Honey Badger don't care.

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