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Miley Cyrus adopted a dog from Oklahoma and didn’t name it Okie…

11:58 AM EST on November 16, 2015

Over the weekend, the Oklahoma City Animal Welfare Division had a "mega adoption" event across the city. In total, 176 dogs found kind, loving, nurturing homes. One of them is named Yogi. Here's a picture...

We like to poke fun at Miley and Wayne for being self-absorbed aloof weirdos with no concept of reality, but that's cool. Rescued pets are the best pets. Thanks for putting on your nicest marijuana leaf leggings and dismembered finger jacket and adopting a dog from Oklahoma. All I ask is that you please keep him away from your marijuana edibles, acid and "white stuff that looks like milk." Also, make sure he's microchipped.

In other news, apparently the OKC Animal Welfare Division will adopt to just about anyone:

"Let's see. According to the application you're from out-of-state, travel often and don't have a permanent residence. Awesome! Which dog would you like?

Actually, I'm just joking around. I'm sure Miley will make a great dog mom. She probably relates more with them than humans. Maybe her next collaboration with Wayne and The Lips will be about her living pets.

As I mentioned, 176 other dogs found new homes. Not all of them were adopted by pop stars who hang out with creepy old men. For example, check out this Hallmark moment:

Anyone have a tissue? As Wayne Coyne says, even happiness makes you cry.

Anyway, there are still plenty of dogs, cats and probably a ferret or two still available for adoption. If you're ready to take on the joy, responsibility and occasional headache of owning a pet, get one. They are awesome.

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