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So, we’re getting another soccer team…

11:59 AM EST on November 13, 2015

rayo okc

Toot the vuvuzelas and cue the Seven Nation Army. Oklahoma City is getting another minor league soccer team!

Yep, that's right. Another one. That means we now have two minor league soccer team vying for our love and affection. Big League City, y'all!

In case you missed it, some Spanish club called Rayo Vallecano, along with an ownership group put together by local minor league sports legend Brad Lund, announced they are partnering to bring a North American Soccer League franchise to Oklahoma City. The team will be called Rayo OKC. They will play their home games in Yukon, which is apparently trying to become Oklahoma City's Arlington.


Raúl Martín Presa, presidente del Rayo Vallecano, habló para la web del club sobre el proyecto iniciado con elRayo Oklahoma City, su primera franquicia para competir enEstados Unidosen laNASL. Al respecto, el máximo mandatario del conjunto vallecano aseguró que el club "lo necesitaba" para seguir creciendo. "El Rayo Oklahoma City es un proyecto en el que llevamos mucho tiempo trabajando y que creemos que necesitaba el Rayo Vallecano. Un club debe saber de dónde viene y a dónde quiere ir. Nosotros venimos de unos años muy difícilesen los que con el trabajo y esfuerzo de todos se evitó una posible desaparición del Club que parecía, desgraciadamente, factible", dijo en la presentación que tuvo lugar en el estadio Yukon, escenario que albergará los partidos como local de la franquicia.

Oops. That probably wasn't the best website to quote. Let's get a more national and English take from some website called Super Sport:

Spanish top-flight side Rayo Vallecano have launched an American franchise, Rayo Oklahoma City, who will play in the North American Soccer League, in the first such move by a club from La Liga into the US market.

Rayo, from the Madrid neighbourhood of Vallecas, confirmed the franchise will compete in the NASL, the second tier in the United States behind Major League Soccer, from 2016.

The Spanish outfit did not specify how much they have invested in the project but the website of the new team, Rayo OKC, confirmed that Rayo Vallecano president and owner Raul Martin Presa will be the "majority owner".

"The name, Rayo OKC, directly reflects its unique partnership with Rayo Vallecano de Madrid, which becomes the first ever La Liga side to invest in a pro soccer club in North America," read the Rayo OKC statement.

"It's an honour for our brand to be alongside many of North America's most cosmopolitan cities," said Martin Presa. "We look forward to putting a world-class team on the pitch in Oklahoma City."

Wait a second. This guy thinks Oklahoma City is cosmopolitan? That's hysterical. Redbook, maybe... but definitely not Cosmopolitan. Seriously, did Brad Lund and the rest of the local ownership group send this guy to Miami and trick him into thinking he was in Oklahoma City or something?

"And over here to the east we have Lake Hefner. Beautiful sunset, huh? It may look like an ocean, but trust us, it's a lake. Now who's ready for a piña colada?!"

Anyway, I'm not too sure what to think about all this. I should probably disclose that we here at The Lost Ogle bleed Energy green. They've advertised with us, invited Spencer to tryout for the team, and were even okay with Louis Fowler hurling Mexican curse words at players from Utah, so I'm a little bit biased.

Since that's the case, I asked Tony and Marisa for their thoughts. Tony complained that Rayo Vallecano is basically the Iowa State of La Liga, constantly getting whipped by upper tier teams. Marisa, on the other hand, hasn't recovered from watching the team's new mascot, Scizoro the Scissortail, attempt to destroy Oklahoma City in the team's promo video.

Seriously, check this thing out. It's worth watching for the sound effects alone:

I'll tell you one thing. That video definitely has a European feel to it. Also, I think those are the same grunts Regular Jim Traber makes when he bends over to tie a shoe.

Anyway, it will be interesting to see how Rayo OKC does and how this affects the Oklahoma City Energy. I'm not sure if the two ownership groups like each other or not, but I think we should organize a friendly between the two. We'll play the match at Putnam City Stadium and call it the Ogle Cup. The winner gets a case of Ogletoberfest.

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