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Oklahoma Law Enforcement Training looks debaucherous and fun…

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Here's another good reason to end the "war" on drugs.

The Oklahoman, which is the state's most trusted news source when it comes to shaming adults for having sex, shared a sultry story on Sunday about a debaucherous narcotics assault training program in Muskogee. Apparently, law enforcement officials in attendance overindulged in one of the few legal drugs our state has to offer and things got a little bit frisky.

From a copyrighted story in The Oklahoman:

Wild partying that included extramarital sex and several nights of hard drinking at an Oklahoma law enforcement training program has led to the firing of one Highway Patrol trooper and the resignations of two others.

Three other troopers and a female game warden were suspended.

"It's a bad deal," said Oklahoma Highway Patrol Chief Rick Adams. "We won't tolerate it."

Some of the troopers were disciplined for excessive drinking while subject to being called out to work, although none were on duty, Adams said. Some were rebuked for sexual activities involving the married game warden, who was the only female student. She is the wife of a trooper who was not at the training session.

Adams likened what happened to an "off-duty frat party" or a  company social that got "carried away and went way too far."

"A bunch of young men made a really bad decision, bad choices and they wish they could take them back," he said. "But you can't take some things back."

The investigation revealed the sex was consensual, so no criminal charges were sought,The Oklahoman was told.

Off-duty frat party?! Company social that went way too far?! Wow. No wonder Mary Fallin gave state troopers a raise! Their employees act like they work in the private sector. Where do I rush and are you guys hiring?! Working in Oklahoma law enforcement looks fun!

The story continues:

The inappropriate conduct occurred from May 5-15 at a narcotics assault training program at Camp Gruber put on by the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs Control, according to information pieced together by The Oklahoman through interviews and Open Records Act requests.

Troopers won't be going back next year, Adams said.

About 50 law enforcement officers from various agencies participated in the training program, including eight members of the highway patrol's elite tactical team. Six team members have either been disciplined or resigned following a four-month internal investigation. The other two were not involved, Adams said.

Trooper Ricky Ellis received the harshest punishment. Commissioner of Public Safety Michael Thompson sent the trooper his termination notice on Oct. 8, citing several instances of misconduct.

"According to your statements, on the first night, you drank to the point of intoxication, and you had sexual contact with the female student, upstairs in the female barracks, in the female student's bed," the termination notice says.

The trooper admitted he later briefly engaged in "sexual intercourse with the female student in the bathroom/shower area of the barracks," characterizing the encounter as an "accident," the termination notice states.

Trooper Ellis was married at the time and knew the woman was married to another trooper, the document says.

That's ridiculous. Trooper Ellis should not have been fired for having a consensual affair with another adult. He should have fired for lying about the whole thing and calling it an "accident." You don't just accidentally sex with someone in shower. That actually takes a bit of work.

The obvious irony with this story is that the training was organized by the stuffy and holier than thou Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics, the agency that likes to wreck and destroy the lives of adults who make what should be personal, private decisions about what they put in their body.

Here's what fun hater Mark Woodward had to say...

"Absolutely not," Woodward said, when asked if alcohol was served as part of the event.

"We certainly do not permit it. Absolutely not," he said. "This is the first incident that we've been aware of that had to be investigated. I've been with the agency 20 years.... It's a very regimented school. These guys stay busy from basically the crack of dawn until sometimes late in the evening. We do everything we can to make sure everybody follows the rules."

Yeah, take back everything I said about joining law enforcement. Can you imagine being stuck at a "very regimented school" in Muskogee where you have to wake up at dawn and work late into the night to train for a pointless, unwinnable war against drugs? That sounds boring and awful. No wonder they turned this place into a drunken Swinger Party.

Anyway, if you're into this stuff and / or are the chief executive officer of our state, you can read the rest of the article here. You'll enjoy it.

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