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10 Last-Minute Oklahoma Halloween Costume Ideas

westbrook halloween adams

Before we begin, I'd like to thank Russell Westbrook for stopping by this site sometime over the last few weeks. As a first time reader, he gets some free Johnnie's.

In case you missed it, Russ dressed up as Steven Adams for Halloween. Not coincidentally, we suggested the Big Kiwi as an idea our 2014 Oklahoma Halloween Costume Guide.

Here's what we wrote:

Steven Adams

It’s a great excuse to grow a mustache.

Okay, so Russell Westbrook can't technically grow a mustache so he had to go with a fake one. Regardless, we're glad Russ reads The Lost Ogle. We'd like to thank him for being a good Thunder player and sending some traffic our way by admitting he doesn't like Berry Tramel. Welcome to the Ogle Mole Network, Russ.

Anyway, I'm a bit behind on Halloween stuff this year, so I thought I'd share some quick and easy Halloween costume ideas. Most of them will require you to either go to a Hobby Lobby, thrift store or to look for boxes behind your local Crest, but they'll also easily win a Halloween Costume Contest:

Ten Commandments Monument

1. 10 Commandments Monument

This can be as simple or complex as you want it to be. I'd probably just get a big box or poster board, write the 10 Commandments on it (include a few typos), and then tie it over my body. Just make sure that a mentally ill person doesn't try to run you over with their car.

If you want to spice it up, have some friends dress up as construction workers or cowboys and follow you around.


oklahoman subscriber

2. Oklahoman Newspaper Subscriber

This is another easy one. Just head over to your parents, grandparents or angry uncle's house and raid their closets for some clothing, preferably stuff that was purchased at Stage or Anthony's. If you don't have parents or grandparents, stop by Stein Mart.


christina fallin cactus

3. Hipster Boo Boo's Trailer Cactus

If you go this route, do not attempt to wear a real cactus. That's too dangerous. Just get some green sweats, cut some straws into pieces, and then sew or pin them to the sweats. It's what this guy did


betsy gregory

4. Freeze Softball Team

Okay, this isn't really last-minute. It will require some work, but it will probably win the group portion of any Halloween costume contest. Also, it will get Jenni Carlson to like you and think you're powerful.


Sir John Michael

5. Sir John Michael

Bear pelt. Leggings. Striped boxers (or Jockeys). Big Stick. Ponytail wig. Lemons.



6. Tigernado

This can be a good individual or couples of costume. If you go the individual route, just make a DIY tornado costume (there are plenty of options online) and walk around with a stuffed tiger. If you want to go the couples route, one goes as the tornado and the other goes as the tiger. If you have a third wheel, dress that person up as Joe Exotic.



7. Old Wayne Coyne

This would be kind of clever. Be the Wayne Coyne we all once liked and admired. For this costume, you simply need to wear a gray suit, walk around inside a gigantic hamster ball and be cool and affable. If you want to take it further, wear a Santa Claus hat, gigantic paper mache hands or apply a fake head wound.


lawton white rapper

8. Lawton Rappers with Groupies

This is another good group costume idea. The guys dress up in their favorite clothes from the outlet mall while the girls wear jorts and white sleeveless tees.



9. Sad H&8th Fan

This is the easiest costume on the list. It doesn't require any work or effort. Just show up to your Halloween party in normal clothes and ask everyone where the line is.


aaron tuttle

10. Aaron Tuttle

Okay, this does actually require some work, but it would be worth it. Just swing by your local Halloween shop or BDSM retailer and grab a gladiator costume. Also, do lots of push ups and spray tan daily until Halloween.


Anyway, there's our list. Have a Happy Halloween!

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