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David Rees is coming to OKC and probably the Plaza District…


Even though it took a bit of memory jogging via Google, I remember first hearing about David Rees on the Best Show on WFMU podcast, discussing not only his book How to Sharpen Pencils: A Practical and Theoretical Treatise on the Artisanal Craft of Pencil Sharpening, but also his side-business of “artisanal” pencil sharpening.

“Surely this is an Andy Kaufman-esque put-on,” I told myself.

But it wasn’t. This guy was seriously in love with the art of sharpening pencils. And now, apparently, he’s coming to Oklahoma City. Why? Let's find out...


Some of you may be a bit more cultured than I am and have previously heard of David Rees from his award-winning cartoon strip “Get Your War On,” a pointed look at the War on Terror, told in a brutally sarcastic style with sales from the collected works going to anti-minefield charities in Afghanistan.

“Wow, he seems like a pretty interesting character,” I told myself.

And he is. His subversive cartoons not only took a stand, but took a stand and delivered. Like Jaime Escalante. And now, apparently, he’s coming to Oklahoma City.


Do you get the National Geographic Channel? I don’t. I can’t afford cable. But, in doing my research on David Rees, it seems that he has a popular television program on the station entitled Going Deep with David Rees where, according to Wikipedia, he humorously investigates “the science and process behind very basic tasks such as making ice, lighting matches and the tying of shoelaces.”

“Hmmmm….this sounds like more of that pencil sharpening nonsense,” I told myself.

But I am intrigued. Intrigued enough to, no pun intended, go deeper myself. But, sadly, I don’t have cable. And now, apparently, he’s coming to Oklahoma City on a nationwide road trip to promote the second season of his show. You see, instead of a regular “social media” strategy, he's decided to be quirky and drive cross country and put up flyers--analog style--in different cities from NYC to LA.

One of his stops is in OKC this weekend, on both Friday and Saturday.

Where will he be? Who knows. Hopefully he’s driving a big luxury bus with his face plastered on the side so he’ll be easier to spot. As far as posting flyers around to promote his show, I’m sure he’s got the hipster areas like the Plaza District, Midtown and the Plaza District again covered. But how about branching out, David Rees?

You could post flyers at the 7-11 on N.W. 10th and May Ave., and maybe even in the spooky Whitaker’s Grocery Store down the block. You can’t forget to go door-to-door at the Sunridge Apartments circa NW 122nd and N. Penn. There’s a great local pub called El Coco’s at 3501 S. Robinson that I’m sure would love to take a flyer. Maybe you can drop by local celebrity pervert Wayne Coyne’s house in Classen Ten-Penn and he can help you make a video where he pours glitter into your orifices while Miley Cyrus rolls a flyer-sized joint and an unneutered dog in a Native American headdress walks across one of those huge keyboards as seen in the movie Big.

Or just stick to the Plaza District. Whatever.

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