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Edmond teens are the worst teens

Valencia teens car break in edmond

Before I begin, I'd like to state that I am writing about Edmond. So, for those of you who enjoy when I, Marisa, a former resident of that fair city, write about Edmond, just sit back and relax. For those of you who do not like when someone has a negative opinion about Edmond (what I write here won't bring down your property taxes so chill, bruh), please hear me out on this. I speak 100% from experience.

Edmond is a fine city. It meets all the requirements a community must meet in order to be a city. I will not take that away from it. However, Edmond teens are the worst. I know, I used to be one. Edmond is 80% sprawl, so if you're still not old enough to drive, you're stuck walking around your neighborhood or to the nearest 7-Eleven, if you happen to be blessed enough to be near one. Unfortunately, some of the newer neighborhoods out west are not close to anything. And poor Valencia is really only close to that weird Okie Express place that is basically a gas-selling shed that advertises hot food and bait on May. And that's probably why the teens in Valencia are stealing crap out of cars. According to

EDMOND, Okla. - Jenny Street loves her Edmond neighborhood.

But she doesn’t love what’s been happening in it.

“I love Valencia, think it’s the greatest neighborhood ever.  But I’m not going to let a bunch of 14 and 15 year olds get away with stuff like this.  It’s just not going to happen, not in my neighborhood,” said Street.

She says recently, several neighbors have had valuables stolen out of their garages and vehicles parked out front.

“There’s been a gentleman that has gotten his truck broken into three different times,” said Street.

That neighbor posted on Valencia’s Nextdoor App – “I am tired of having things taken from my property and this WILL STOP!”

Yes. The key to fixing a problem to post something on an app. Those kids who are too busy sending pics of their genitals via Snapchat will definitely see your threatening message.

Street says many residents believe two teens from the neighborhood could be responsible and some have even posted pictures of them from home surveillance cameras.

While Street herself has not been victimized, she’s taken to the streets looking for them.

I have a twenty dollar bill that says the two kids they're singling out aren't the ones doing the stealing, and that suburban mom vigilante justice can only bring trouble.

And, now, I would like to conclude with information I know to be fact. If you lock your car doors and keep your garage door closed, the Edmond teens will not steal your stuff. Because then they'd actually have to try, and that's not something they're about. If they can't just walk into an open garage, or pull a door handle, they're going to stop stealing your shit. So, you know, you don't need to get all worked up and call KFOR. You can just do something that you should've been doing all along.

Also, please don't come at me with the argument that if you live in Edmond, you should be able to go without locking your car doors because it's such a good place to live. I mean, the crime is definitely low there. But the teen boredom is high. And as I stated before, Edmond teens are the worst teens.

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