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Luther Town Hall Meetings Look Kind Of Fun…

luther town hall meeting

Are you looking for some unique, affordable and delightfully funny entertainment? If so, I'd suggest visiting a town hall in Luther, OK. They're a laugh riot!

On Tuesday night, the city council or whatever they call it voted out the town's mayor Birlene Langley – yes, Birlene – for allegedly practicing the time-honored Oklahoma traditions of nepotism and racism. The nepotism accusations stemmed from preferential treatment Langley may have given to her grandson, a volunteer Luther firefighter. The racism claims surfaced after Langley shared some of those "Spanish Word of the Day" memes that anti-Ogler Sheriff Scott Jay thought were so hysterical. Remember them?

00004backham count sheriff scott jay

Anyway, Langley adressed the issues with a long, rambling speech at a town hall meeting that would make anyone from Toastmasters cry. When she was done, one of the two African-American members of the council, Cecilia Taft, decided to speak and spread inaccurate statements about racism. She said:

"Everybody has some inkling of racism in them, everybody. I don't care who you are... everybody's got it...And I want to see one person in this room that can say they don't, because they're a liar if they say they don't."

Does everyone in this world have an inkling of racism in them? No. Prejudices and biases? Perhaps. There's a big difference between the two.

At this point, Langley stood up and raised her hand, claiming she's not a racist. Her grandson Jeremy Ring, who has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy, also raised his hand, pointed at Taft and then yelled "She called me a liar!" While all this was going on, another council member, Ron Henry, started looking around the room in obvious bemusement. He then smirked and started holding in laughter. Not too long after that, things got testy.

Here's the video. We'll pick things up where one lady accuses everyone in the world of having some sort of racism in them, which I guess means she's admitting that she's a racist.

Listen, I don't know what made Ron Henry laugh. Was he being a dick and laughing at a man with a medical condition? If so, he's an asshole and deserved to be called out. Was he laughing at the whole absurdity of the situation? If so, I wouldn't blame him. The whole thing is absurd. Or did Birlene pass him one of those "Spanish Words of the Day" memes and make him giggle? If so, maybe that one lady is right and we all have some racism inside us.

Anyway, I don't know the answers to all those questions, but I do know this: I now want to go to a Luther Town Hall meeting. Well, at least before they start charging admission.

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