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Dean Blevins is back to being Dean Blevins on Twitter

11:26 AM EDT on October 12, 2015

We have some good news to report! Dean "The Stream" Blevins is back on Twitter!

We would have told you this breaking news sooner, but we didn't know about it. That's probably because Dean turned all William Shatner and is now blocking us:

dean blevins

Ouch! That's not cool! First of all, does he really think that's going to stop us from seeing his tweets? There's still an Ogle Mole Network out there to catch everything. When Dean accidentally Periscopes while peeing, I guarantee you someone will let us know about it.

Also, we probably loved Dean's tweets more than anyone. Whether he was sharing views on immigrants...

dean blevins language tweet

Or talking about how beer cums in handy during long baseball games...

dean belvins cum tweet

His tweets always provided a bit of humor and insight as to what goes on inside the cavern of an ex-jock's mind.

During the OU - Texas game, Dean was at his best doing typical OU football fan things like complaining about the offensive line, tackling, play calling, and the general state of the program. At the end of the night, he shared this gem:

dean blevins twitter

Yep, OSU tight ends catch as many balls as Dean Blevins' wife back home in OKC. I didn't watch the OSU game, so I'm not really sure if that's a complaint or compliment. After a couple of minutes and a few curious questions from Twitter followers regarding his wife's ball-catching abilities, Dean deleted the tweet and clarified it with this:

That's better. It's your typical Dean tweet. It includes hashtags, random abbreviations, and the syntax of a drunk coed. I'm happy that Dean can provide us with such valuable insight, but I'd be even happier if the people who offer sports news and analysis would take the time to learn our modern sentence structure.

Anyway, if you follow Dean on Twitter and he does anything silly or fun, let us know. As Dean warns us...

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