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Murder Nova and Big Chief’s car shop was shot up…

12:46 PM EDT on September 30, 2015

street outlaws window bullets

I guess being a street outlaw is a little more dangerous than we thought...

Yesterday, TMZ reported that someone fired shots into Midwest Street cars located near SW 74th and Council. It's the home shop of "Murder Nova" and "Big Chief," two of the central cast members from Street Outlaws.

Fortunately, the shop was empty at the time so no one was hurt or injured. Here are the details via TMZ:

The stars of "Street Outlaws" are dealing with a real criminal situation ... after their store was left riddled with bullets.

Oklahoma City PD tells TMZ they are still on scene investigating a shooting at Midwest Street Cars -- where "8 or 9" bullet holes were left in the building.

We're told the shooting happened Monday night -- and since nobody was working -- there were no injuries.

Sources with the Discovery show tell us armed men also showed up at the home of one of the stars -- Murder Nova -- but were scared off when he went outside.  We're told there is security footage.

Cops say they don't have suspects or a motive yet.

First of all, is Murder Nova a Terminator or something? How does he scare away a group of armed men by simply walking outside? Maybe they were terrified of that pube-looking thing that's growing on his chin:

murder nova

That's from Murder Nova's Instagram. On his account, I think I learned of a possible motive for the shooting:

street outlaws season 5

There you have it. They're currently filming the seventh season of Street Outlaws. I'm no alcoholic OKC police detective who communicates with an angel named Earl, but I doubt that's a coincidence. I would say that either...

A) The whole thing was set up and orchestrated by Street Outlaws producers to generate ratings...

They already stage the races, so why wouldn't they bring a new gang of racers to town to try to intimidate, harass and challenge our beloved Oklahoma City Street Outlaws? It's Season 7! You have to mix things up. Adding a mystery "Whodunnit?" subplot would really captivate the viewers.

B) Some crazed fan really wants to race the Street Outlaws...

This is more likely. Remember, people have emailed us in the past thinking we're the Street Outlaws. Some of their fans are nuts. It wouldn't surprise me if this was some rival street racing gang's way of issuing a challenge, and possibly making it on TV.

C) Someone wants a new window...

Anyway, those are my three theories. I have no clue which one is right. I guess I'll have to watch Season 7 of Street Outlaws to find out.

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