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Fake Wayne Coyne podcast dupes music bloggers…

2:39 PM EDT on September 29, 2015

wayne coyne

Last night, Gawker revealed there's a fake Wayne Coyne podcast making the rounds. It's called The Fearless Freakcast. From the moment the host says "Hello-Hello, my fearless freaks and freakettes. This is Wayne Coyne," it's obviously fake. The impersonator sounds more like a producer from The Sports Animal than the Flaming Lips frontman.

Check it out:

See what I mean? There's no possible way that's real. Not only does the guy sound nothing like Wayne, but do you really think Wayne Coyne would play some classic Flaming Lips tracks that people actually like to start a podcast? No way. He'd probably mix up some dreamy psychedelic trance of Miley Cyrus and her f'weinds humming or having an orgasm or whatever.

In the middle of the podcast, "Wayne" also brings out everyone's favorite slowcore indie band "Beach House." After interviewing them about drinking Dr. Pepper with coffee, the band "performs" a previously "unreleased" track. It kind of sounds like the work of Pink Pony.

Although it has its moments, the podcast itself isn't all that funny. Once again, the host's impersonation is awful. But what is funny is how the music blog scene fell for the prank hook, line and sinker. Check out some of these headlines from the world's most popular music sites:


00001coyne prank


Fact Mag:

00003coyne prank



00004coyne prank

Once word got out, sites like StereoGum removed the post, while others like Spin corrected the error. Some website's like Consequence of Sound were lost and confused:

00002coyne prank

Hey CoC, Wayne Coyne didn't prank the Internet. Some other dude did. The only prank Wayne's pulled in recent years is convincing Miley Cyrus there's magical glitter in his semen... and that he still has talent.

Anyway, reading all this has inspired me to create my own fake Oklahoma musician podcast. I think I'm going to call it "Sobriety with Blake Shelton and Toby Keith" or "Why it Itches by Hinder." Pranks can be fun.

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