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Here’s our new Donald Trump State Fair logo…

9:21 AM EDT on September 22, 2015

I guess some people really do read this website.

At the close of yesterday's post about Donald Trump's upcoming visit to the Oklahoma State Fair, I asked for Moles to take the fair's 2015 teeth logo, add Donald Trump's hair to it, and then change the slogan to “Make The Fair Great Again.” Before you could say "Omarosa," several designs popped up in the Ogle in-box.

This one was pretty good:

fair logo donald

I like that. My favorite part is the Mole, who may or may not be named Brett, included two subtle images of the illuminati near the top. You know, because that thing called Trump's hair is always watching.

This one is pretty good, too:

oklahoma state fair donald trump

I really liked the placement of the hair and slogan, but the Mole, who may or may not be named Christel, went with Trump's "Make America Great Again" slogan. Oh well, she stills deserves an Indian taco or corn on the cob for the hard work.

Anyway, I guess if a staffer from the Oklahoma State Fair or Trump's campaign wants to use either logo on Friday for the Donald's visit, feel free. We don't care. I doubt Brett or Christel will either. Also, if anyone with Photoshop skills can yellow, rot and remove some of the teeth in the original Oklahoma State Fair logo to make it more realistic, I'd appreciate it.

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