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Donald Trump is coming to the Oklahoma State Fair…

12:13 PM EDT on September 21, 2015

donald trump hipster boo boo

No wonder this year's State Fair logo is a gigantic mouth.

In what has to be the best or worst thing to happen in Oklahoma since the Tigernado, Donald Trump has announced he will be visiting the Oklahoma State Fair on a campaign stop this Friday. Details of the event, such as who he's going to insult and how many bacon-wrapped turkey legs he plans on eating, have not yet been announced.

Friend of the show (or as Trump would call him – Comic Book Loser) Brian Winkler summed up the breaking news with this tweet:

With all respect to circus clowns, Brian is on the right track. Trump is a clown entertainer and the circus is his audience, but I think it's more like inviting the ringmaster (if the ringmaster is a rich, narcissistic, megalomaniac asshole). Seriously, if you had to pick the one candidate who embodies the thoughts, views and dramatic lack of brain cells found in people we affectionately call Derplahomans, it would have to be Donald Trump. As these articles show (Example 1 and Example 2), he's the lord of the Derplahomans. Just like them, he thinks Obama's an African Muslim, claims most illegal immigrants are rapists and thieves, and has filed multiple bankruptcies.

Anyway, we plan on giving this event the royal treatment it deserves. I've already requested media credentials that will probably be denied by the fair to cover the event and we'll have continuing coverage throughout the week. Also, if anyone with Photoshop skills can add Donald's hair to this logo and change the slogan to "Make The Fair Great Again," I'd appreciate it. Thanks.


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