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Introducing Ogletoberfest – an obscure, local, social beer!


When I started this blog in 2007, I had two goals:

1. Ride a unicorn with Gary England

2. Release a TLO-branded beer

Well, I'm proud to say those goals have finally been accomplished!

Yes, that graphic is totally real. We've partnered with our friends at Anthem Brewing to bring you Ogletoberfest – a Vienna-style, Oktoberfest lager packing a perfect blend of malty sweetness and biting snark. The beer will be available on tap as early as next week, and in cans in late September.

I tried the beer in a cheap plastic cup about a month ago before it went into production, and I have to say it's pretty damn good. If you like Oktoberfests, ambers, brown ales, etc, it's right up your alley. Here's a pic I took with my phone:

ogletoberfest 2

I came up with the idea for Ogletoberfest last fall while drinking some Oktoberfest brews during an OU football game. I joked to a friend that we should launch our own beer and call it Ogletoberfest. Just like this website, that joke became a reality and here we are today.

Ogletoberfest will be unveiled next Wednesday at Tapwerks in Bricktown. You should probably come out and try it. From there, it will hopefully spread across this state like a pack of stormchasers following a squall line.

We'll have more information, including a list of places where you can find Ogletoberfest, very soon. If you own or manage a local bar, restaurant or liquor store in Oklahoma and would like to carry Ogletoberfest, please contact us or Anthem Brewing for more details.

Also, I'd really like to thank Anthem Brewing for working with us on this on this project. They're good people and they brew some great beers (Do yourself a favor and try their Golden One or IPA). Thanks for making a blogger's dream come true!

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