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The DJ Dash is cancelled. Thank God.

One of the worst developments in the world over the last five years or so has been the rise of those annoying color runs, dance runs, beer runs, etc. As if runners weren't annoying enough, now they had another excuse to brag on social media about how much fitter, healthier and happier they are than everyone else.

Seriously, these things are awful. They have to stop. Unless, of course, it's a college underwear run. They're still okay...

undie run

I bring all this up because I need a quick, easy topic to complain about before lunch and something called the DJ Dash that was planned for Bricktown was cancelled. Thank god.


Lisha Dunlap wanted to do the DJ Dash 5k for her birthday.

She said, “[I wanted] to dance, and enjoy Bricktown and run.”

Friend, Samantha Lewis, was all in!

“This was actually going to be my first 5k,” she said.

Days before the run, they learned online the race was cancelled.

Lisha and Samantha say they never received any sort of notification from run promoters...

Lisa says she’ll find another way to celebrate her birthday.

She’s okay with losing her cash.

“I would much rather them give somebody a sack lunch,” she said. “I don’t need my $20.”

Uhm, this girl wanted to participate in run for her birthday and she doesn't want her $20 back? See what I mean? Runners are insane! What does she want to do for Christmas? Clean her house?

Anyway, this is a huge relief. I honestly don't know if I can take another barrage of social media pics of people having fun while running. Hey, nobody cares that you were glitterbombed while running in a straight line! Please stop! It's the worst thing to wake up to when you're hungover on a Saturday morning.

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