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Mike Rowe called out the OKC media for not caring about trains…

luther kids train

The pic above is of some Luther high school students posing with a train they built in shop class. Yeah, that's right. They built a fucking train! All of a sudden that ashtray you made for your mom in arts and craft feels a little less significant.

Apparently the teacher of the class, Mark Dunn, contacted each local news channel to do one of those cheesy profiles on his students and promote a Go Fund Me they set up to buy more equipment to probably build an airplane or boat or something, but since our local TV prefers that stories about high school students involve fear, death, illness or choreographed dances with dead cats, they never returned his phone calls.

Frustrated, the teacher then messaged that Mike Rowe guy who has like 2,000,000+ followers on Facebook. Well, now you can say a whole lot more people know about the train:

I like this guy. I don’t know him, but I like him. Mark Dunn teaches shop in Luther Oklahoma. By all accounts, his kids...

Posted by Mike Rowe on Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Oh wait. It's a smoker. Not a real train. Oh well, that's still really cool. It's good to see high school shop students doing something productive that doesn't involve making wooden boxes with secret compartments to hide weed. Now if only they can build a railroad to use the train and get them the hell out of Luther.

Anyway, it's nice to see the students getting publicity for their work and efforts, but the teacher probably should have called Mike Morgan instead. There's a reason Marla calls him "Mighty Casey," and it has nothing to do with the bedroom. He likes trains more than Aaron Tuttle likes spray tan machines. He probably would have brought KFOR Weather School to Luther for a week just so he could ride the train every day! Actually, maybe that's why they didn't call Mike Morgan.

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