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Mean Yukon grandma doesn’t like foul-mouthed Minions

debbie ridley

About a month or so ago, word leaked out that the Minions Happy Meal toys from McDonald's blurted "What The F*ck?" whenever you touched their head, making them an instant collectors items and arguably the coolest Happy Meal toy of all time.

I found a YouTube clip of the toy, and sure enough, it does appear to mumble a slightly inaudible three syllable phrase that sounds a lot like the same thing parents mumble whenever a computer locks up on them or McDonald's screws up their order...

That's pretty cool. When I was a kid, the only inappropriate things Happy Meal toys did was choke little kids. Now they cuss whenever you touch their head. That's a big improvement. Today's kids really do get all the cool things! Well, unless the lady pictured above is your grandma. A month after this whole thing became a story, she went to KOCO Channel 5 to complain about the "foul-mouthed" Minions:

The so-called “foul-mouthed minion" has reached Oklahoma, and one area grandmother said the fast food restaurant giving out the toy should be ashamed.

“While the toy is OK, the things that it says are not OK,” Debbie Riddley said.

She believes the McDonald’s Happy Meal toy is actually cursing.

“This not Minionese,” she said. “This is not. You can definitely hear it.”

The fast food restaurant introduced a Happy Meal on July 3 with toys inspired by the movie "Minions."

The Oak Brook, Illinois, based company issued a statement, saying the sounds the small yellow figures make are nonsense words, nothing offensive or profane. It says that the Minion Caveman toy makes three sounds, "para la bukay," ''hahaha" and "eh he.”

Riddley disagrees and said since hearing the toy’s choice words, she’s since removed it from her household. She said she doesn’t want her grandchildren to have access to it.

What the fuck, Grandma?! That's not cool. You know all the cool kids at school are going to have this toy. Do you want your grandkids to grow up to be dorks? Are you also enrolling them in band, teaching them how to blog and taking them with you to SuperCuts when you get your haircut? Let them have the toy!

Also, how can you be against a cursing toy that technically isn't cursing, but totally fine with feeding you grandkids a sugary, salty, fat-filled mix of processed starches and meats from McDonald's? If anything, the Minion is probably responding to the food you're feeding them. Get your priorities straight!

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