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State Sen. Anastasia Pittman is having a white party…


The nice woman pictured above is State Senator Anastasia Pittman. She's the Chair of the Oklahoma Legislative Black Caucus, and made news earlier this year when she stood by OU SAE fratboy Levi Pettit as he tried his best not to pee his pants on live television while apologizing for being a racist.

Here in a few weeks, Senator Pittman is having a "Grown Folks All White Party Fundraiser" for her campaign. The cost is $30 to attend, and is totally worth it if they hand out limited-edition screen prints of the following event poster:

anastasia pittman white party

Well, that looks fun. Do all guests need to bring a 20-year-old Glamour Shot to the party, or will there be a Glamour Shots photographer on hand taking pictures? Also, does the $30 include free alcohol? If so, I'm totally in.

One other question: Where did she get the dress? I can't tell if she's pretending to be a snowflake or just killed a swan. Actually, I think it's one of those cheap shit toilet paper wedding dresses Jessica Schambach was talking about on the news a few months ago. Remember that?

For all the grandparents and viewers of Madam Secretary who read this site, we should probably clarify a white party isn't a racial thing, so don't go there. It's a fancy theme party where grown folks wear white clothing and apparently listen to smooth jazz. Remember when James Harden threw one on a yacht when he played for the Thunder? I'm pretty sure it's what convinced Clay Bennett to force Presti to trade the Beard to the Rockets...


As Jenni Carlson would say, Anastasia needs Oklahoma City as badly as OKC needs her. (Seriously, if you want to be reminded why Jenni Carlson should never write sports columns, go read that one.)

Anyway, I wonder how the State GOP is going to respond to this? Knowing how bright their leadership is, they'll probably throw a black party for Elise Hall. Something tells me that won't end well. Don't do it GOP. Please, don't do it.

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