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Aaron Tuttle doesn’t want us to win “Best of OKC”

Last week, The Oklahoma Gazette announced the finalists for the 2015 "Best of OKC."

Even though we didn't advertise, pander for votes, or stuff ballots like most finalists, we still managed to get nominated in a couple of categories.

Once again, we're up for Best Website. I think we've won this a couple of years in a row:

bestof okc website

Crap, we're up against a Mommy Blog. Even though it probably gets a couple of hundred views a month, that's no good. Mommy Bloggers are the lemmings of the blog world. When they're not applying PhotoShop filters, sharing recipes or clipping coupons, they basically just take turns voting for each other in contests. We're screwed. I doubt we win this one.

In addition to Best Website, we're once again up for "Best Person To Follow On Social Media." Even though TLO is a website and not a person, we get nominated for this every year and lose to a Thunder player ever year. 2015 will probably be no different, except look who we're up against:

aaron tuttle best of okc

Yes!!! Awesome!!! Diabolical Facebook weatherman Aaron Tuttle was also recognized for Best Person to Follow on Social Media! I'd encourage you to go vote for him. The bigger Aaron Tuttle's ego, the better.

As you all know, I don't have a problem writing about or acknowledging Aaron Tuttle's existence. Whether he's cocktail tanning or igniting fear and panic on Facebook, he always provides great material for us. I wonder what Aaron had to say about us being on the same ballot:


HAHAHA! He intentionally cut us off his screenshot of the ballot! That's hysterical. I bet he did so on the advice of his copyright attorneys who specialize in copyright law.

I also like how he apparently called the Oklahoma Gazette to find out why he wasn't nominated for "Best Weather Team." I wish there was a recording of that call. I bet it went like this...

"Thanks for calling the Oklahoma Gazette. How may I direct your call."

"Hey, P*ssy! This is Aaron Tuttle! Why wasn't I nominated for Best Weather Team in the Best of OKC? What's up with that? Huh? Huh?"

"Uhm, I'm sorry. Who is this?"

"This is Aaron Tuttle! I'm a weatherman with like a million followers on Facebook. F*ck you!"

"Yes, sir, but it's best weather team, not best scary weather person to follow on Facebook."

"Shut the f*ck up! I'm not talking to you!? It's not about me, jackass. It's about a weather team! If I was a weather team, would I have been nominated???"

"Yes, you would have been nominated if you were a weather team.

"That's what I thought, p*ssy! Now put on some chaps and go f*cking ride a Harley."

Friendly reminder to all the copyright attorneys out there, that's my creative interpretation of what the call was like. For a real Aaron Tuttle phone call, watch this again:

Anyway, you can go vote for us, Aaron Tuttle or a wild pack of Mommy Bloggers at The Gazette's website. Now go ride a Harley!

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