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Mary Fallin only spent $1,096,776.76 on her inauguration…

mary fallin statue

Remember that gold bust that accurately depicts the blank stare Mary Fallin makes when asked to answer a policy question? It was unveiled during last January's inauguration ceremonies, which apparently cost over $1-million to produce.


Inaugurations can be expensive — even the second time around.

Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin spent more than $1 million on the events last January marking the start of her second term, a newly filed report shows.

The Oklahoma Ethics Commission changed its rules, giving committees formed for special events up to six months to report contributions and expenditures. The committee behind Fallin's 2015 inauguration filed its report July 10.

The committee reported spending a total of $1,096,776.76 — all from donated funds and event ticket sales.

"We worked hard to make the inauguration a celebration of Oklahoma history and culture," said the governor's spokesman, Alex Weintz. "We were able to make it a memorable and fun series of events, thanks to a lot of generous supporters."

Hey, it's easy to criticize a governor who doesn't distance her home state from Confederate Flag rallies or gets confused when recalling elementary civics lessons, but I don't have a problem with this. To the victor goes the spoils! It's just part of politics. If Joe Dorman had been elected Governor, I'm sure he would have spent a similar amount on his inauguration festivities. Hell, he probably would have dropped half a million just to get Jimmy Buffet to hop out of giant watermelon singing "Cheeseburger In Paradise." Granted, The Oklahoman would have then published a much harsher, critical report on the cost of the event as opposed to this softball piece on Fallin, but what else would you expect from "The State's Most Trusted News?"

Anyway, how exactly did Mary spend all this money? Let's see:

The highlight of the events was the inaugural ball, where Tulsa's Hanson sang the pop rock hit "MMMBop," master of ceremonies Larry Gatlin reprised his Will Rogers act and guests tweeted they were having a good time.

The ball had buffet tables featuring shrimp, chicken, beef, bacon-wrapped scallops, fried okra, fried tomatoes and other food, according to news reports...

Hanson — a trio of brothers — was paid $17,030, the most of any of the entertainers, the report shows.

Leona Mitchell, an operatic soprano born in Enid, was paid $1,250. The Thunder Girls, the dance team that performs at Thunder games, cost $900.

Gatlin, the country singer who starred as Oklahoma’s favorite son in the Broadway production of the “Will Rogers Follies,” performed free, the governor's spokesman said. He was reimbursed for his travel.

Holy shit, they dropped $17,030 to have Hanson perform MMMbop?! That's like $70 a second! They could have got Bryan Abrams from Color Me Badd fame to perform "I Wanna Sex You Up" and "I Adore Mi Amor" for a pack of Hostess donuts and a commuted sentence. Then again, he was probably too busy bussing all the tables at the event and couldn't find anyone to cover for him. That sucks.

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