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The Pawnee Summer Run ‘N Gun has interesting shooting targets…

pawnee gun run

In case it's not marked on your event calendar, the Pawnee Run 'n Gun takes place next weekend. What's a Run 'N Gun? Good question. I think it's a basically a redneck militiaman biathlon. The only difference is instead of skiing around in circles shooting at fancy targets like some guy named Sven from Norway, you spend your day Ramboing through the wilderness and deserted trailer park obstacle courses shooting cans of Natural Light from the top of El Caminos.

Oddly enough, the Run 'n Gun is a very popular event in the Oklahoma gay militant community. At least that's what we can assume from this now deleted photo that organizers posted to the event's Facebook page yesterday:

pawnee run n gun fb

That nice. It's cool to see that two gay men can be out and open and proud in a place that, let's be honest, isn't seen as the most welcoming habitat for homosexuals. My only concern is they're referring to the Pride flag a "target." Uhm, why would you shoot at a Pride painting you purchased from that street artist during your last vacation to Santa Fe? That seems reckless. You would think they would use more appropriate shooting targets like a picture of a terrorist, minority or even a Joker-faced Barack Obama.

Anyway, I know what you're thinking. "Patrick, these men are about as gay as Sally Kern's vagina! They're taking a stand against homosexual rights by using the gay pride symbols as target practice! Wake up!"

Well, I thought that too, but

A) I'm not an angry cynic who automatically assumes the worst...

B) I went to the Oklahoma Run 'N Gun website and saw this on the front page...

Oklahoma Run 'N Gun

See what I mean? Would gay rights hating militiamen post of a photo like that on their page? No way.

Anyway, as the graphic above mentions, the Run 'n Gun is on July 18th. I guess if you're into supporting homosexual rights (and fear nothing), you should register for it. I'm sure they'll welcome you with open arms. Maybe they'll even set aside a pair of Daisy Dukes for you.

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