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Paul Folger’s therapist may be on vacation…

Paul folger

Unlike Channel 4 and Channel 9, I don't think KOCO Channel 5 has a certified Social Media Bandit on the company's payroll. Therefore, the perennial third place TV Channel heavily leans on their on-air talent and personalities to drive social media traffic, clicks, etc.

Sometimes, that can be a good thing because we get posts likes these:

erielle res

Hey, Ariel Reschief is back from maternity leave! That's good. She was gone just long enough for me to totally forget how to spell her name. Ariel Reschief... that's really what I came up with on my first, hurried guess. For those of you who complain about my typos, syntax and pronoun usage, now you know what Marisa has to deal with when we she proofs this shit each day. Yeah, someone actually reviews my posts. I'll tell you, it makes me feel guilty like...

Wait. I just turned you into my therapist. My bad. That's the same thing Paul Folger apparently does when the folks at KOCO give him the station's Facebook password, which I believe is still "TuttleChaps." Check out what he posted yesterday...

paul folger tie

Dude, it's totally fine. You're going to be sitting behind a news desk wearing a jacket. Nobody will notice. Now go wash your hands three times and make sure all the pencils in your cubicle drawer are pointing the same direction.

Of course, that's just my opinion. Let's see what the KOCO commenters who have flags for profile images have to say:

00001paul folger tie
00002paul folger tie
00004paul folger tie
00005paul folger tie
00006paul folger tie
00007paul folger tie
00003paul folger tie


Crap, I agree with the confederate flag guy. That's like finding out you and Jared Fogle like the same sandwich at Subway. How's that for a mild current events reference?

Anyway, hopefully Paul's therapist gets back from vacation soon. I always look forward to the awkward encounters Paul and I have in the waiting room. He flips out when I mix up all the magazines.

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