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There’s a direwolf in Choctaw because winter is coming

choctaw direwolf

Some people believe that animals come to us as omens. For example, my dog comes to me as an omen that she will pee on the floor if I don't let her out. The possum that chased me in a parking lot in broad daylight was an omen that there is probably a rabies outbreak in my area. Spiders build webs up in the corners of my ceiling as an omen that I should probably dust more often. And my neighbor's cat appearing in my yard is generally an omen that my herb garden will be torn up within the hour.

But these are all very average and everyday omens. They're pretty simple to understand. What about the bigger and weirder and more ominous omens? Like this direwolf in Choctaw! According to KFOR:

CHOCTAW, Okla. — Residents of the Choctaw Creek neighborhood in Choctaw are getting used to seeing her by  now.

“Our neighborhood wolf pet out here, yeah,” said Mitchell Melton.  “Not aggressive, but won’t let you go up and pet her.”

“My daughter calls her Wolfie,” said Philip Chicoine.

Choctaw animal control officer Kenny Grant says he’s always a few steps behind her.

“Been trying to catch her for a year and a half, two years now and I can’t, I mean, I’ve tried live traps,” said Officer Grant.  “The moment she seen me, she take off, run into the woods.”

Please take a moment to go over to KFOR's site and watch the video for this story. Then, tell me that Kenny the animal control officer doesn't talk exactly like you'd imagine a Kenny would talk. To me, a Kenny in the wild is as rare as this direwolf in the middle of Choctaw.

Residents say she’s become sort of a fixture in their day to day life and until she’s caught, they’ll enjoy this glimpse of the wild in the middle of their city.

Officer Grant says the wolf is actually probably a half breed.

I have to say, I think Choctaw is going about this all the wrong way. It all goes back to the animal omens. Clearly this direwolf is there because winter is coming. Does Choctaw have a wall? No. Do they have a Night's Watch? No. Do they have any dragon glass? No. Are they wasting precious time preparing for winter by trying to chase this lonely little direwolf who is there just trying to warn them about the white walkers? Yes.

As for Officer Grant's assertion that this beast is probably a half breed, I'm just going to assume this wolf is under the control of a skinchanger. It's the only logical answer at this point. As for the city of Choctaw, I hope you guys get that wall. If not, well. Valar Morghulis.

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