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Harold Hamm is a pleasant individual who displays good study habits…

12:02 PM EDT on June 30, 2015

harold hamm

Over the past few months, we've told you about the damning, probably slanderous reporting by Energy Wire Magazine about Oklahoma's beloved local philanthropist and corporate steward Harold Hamm, who as we all know, may be one of the nicest, handsomest and most generous Oklahomans ever born.

I know we have joked around about some his doings in a very satirical, not serious type of way, but Harold Hamm really is an Oklahoma badass. He makes Will Rogers look like Carrot Top. He bleeds crimson and cream, orange and black, and Thunder blue, orange, yellow, white and all the other colors they put in that silly logo.

He just loves this state and it's people. It shows, too. He puts the interests of Oklahomans first in everything he does, whether it's helping his neighbor look for a lost dog or buying toys for an orphanage or making sure that natural gas exploration is safe for people, safe for the environment, and safe for the numerous dangerous fault lines that crisscross our sleepy little flyover state.

Knowing all that, I can't believe what awful things some punk of a local oilman loser had to say on Facebook about this glorious man we all affectionately called Uncle Hammy.


Continental Resources Chairman and CEO Harold Hamm is seeking more than $75,000 in damages over a Facebook post that accused the billionaire of trying to “squelch” science examining links between Oklahoma’s energy industry and earthquakes.

Hamm filed a defamation lawsuit Friday against Oklahoma City oilman Mickey Thompson, one day after Thompson wrote a post on his personal Facebook page that was critical of Hamm. The lawsuit was filed in Oklahoma County District Court.

Thompson posted a link to a story published by the online news outlet Energywire that reported the University of Oklahoma had asked Harold Hamm for a $25 million donation to create “The Continental Resources Center for Energy Research and Technology” while scientists from the OU-affiliated Oklahoma Geological Survey were trying to formulate an official stance on the link between the recent spate of earthquakes in the state and oil and gas exploration.

Oklahoma Geological Survey initially said that there was no apparent link between the oil and gas industry and earthquakes, but later reversed course.

“The Oklahoma oil industry has been wrong and late to the dance on induced seismicity. Hamm’s usual insightfulness has been missing on the issue,” Thompson wrote, according to a copy of the Facebook post filed with the lawsuit.

“As for philanthropy, Hamm has been hugely generous to OU. But the fact remains he tried to squelch OGS efforts to establish good science on seismicity. Shame on him!”

Thompson said he was unaware of the lawsuit on Monday and declined to comment further when contacted by The Oklahoman.

Hey, Mickey Thompson, you're an asshole!!! How dare you say such slanderous things about a visionary leader like Harold Hamm. The only thing he's tried to "squelch" is our country's dependence on foreign oil, diabetes and the amount of money he owed his ex-wife following their divorce.

Haha! I'm just kidding about that last line. I thought Harold Hamm was very kind, fair and generous during his recent divorce proceedings. What else would you expect from a man so noble and amazing like Hamm?

Anyway, I'd like to go ahead and wish Hamm the best of luck in his lawsuit against Mickey Thompson. I can't believe that punked express a logical opinion... errr... I mean, attempted to spread vitriolic slanderous diatribes on Facebook regarding that hacky, in-no-way-true reporting by Energy Wire. If Uncle Hammy needs a character witness at any time in the proceedings, please let me know. I'll be happy to help.

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